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  1. Is it worth it?

    Thanks for your response Danti, but I signed up a while back. We pulled out of the house purchase just in time too. Overall I'm enjoying it so far, but I haven't finished off the initial training course yet. Money has been tight, but we've simply adjusted to our means. So far we've been able to pay the bills, so we're happy enough with that. Between what I've learnt in training and my specials experience, hopefully I've got a good idea about what the job entails and I'm not regretting it just yet.
  2. Current Force Pass Percentages?

    I think Suffolk accept 50% but I'm not sure if it has changed.
  3. Scotland - Starting Salary After Deductions?

    Wow, Scottish officers get paid a lot more than the English! Not that either get paid enough but.. especially when you consider living costs are a lot lower.
  4. Lincolnshire 2015 intake

    You know I did, haha whatsapp is compulsory police training. Yeah, I'll PM me number.
  5. Is it worth it?

    After doing my usual shift with my local force, I decided to go for it. I've worked so hard for this opportunity and don't want to live life wondering "what if?".
  6. Is it worth it?

    I intend to, but as I'm not joining my local force I'd be interested in getting a feel for some other regions in the country to help with my estimation.
  7. Is it worth it?

    Thanks for your advice all. Quite amazing to see officers out there actually positive about the job! I don't mean to be rude, but could someone PM me about what sort of percentage overtime could prop the wage up? The difficulty is that I'm the sole earner at the moment, plus can't see my wife going back to work anytime soon with a baby on the way! I wish it wasn't an issue because money has never been my goal, but it would be really useful to get some indication.
  8. Is it worth it?

    To cut a long story short, I was involved in a long-winded messy recruitment process during the worst of the cuts. After it had been going on for around 2.5 years I began to move on. Suddenly George Osbourne commits to stop cutting and yesterday I receive a formal offer I didn't at all expect. As I started the application about 3 years ago my situation has changed somewhat. I'm now earning a nice living in the private sector (bit boring though), I'm married, in the process of buying a house (nowhere near where I'd be policing) and I've even got a baby on the way. I'm a experienced Special Constable and know morale in the force is pretty low. The reason I'm interested is pure vocation, using my work to help keep society decent and not knowing what to expect when I get up in the morning. I'd be interested in responses from serving regular officers, particularly those new to the job. I'd be willing to take a cut in salary as long as I still felt able to support my family. The salary offered is very low to me, but I understand overtime tops it up somewhat? It would be really helpful to know what new officers earn overall if anyone is willing to send me a PM (rather than the legalistic speel I might expect from HR). Details aside, my real question: Is it worth it? Does the satisfaction of doing something important that you've always wanted to do make it so? Brum
  9. Solicitor to Police Officer.

    I'd imagine you'd have to give up the certificate, because the police prefer to recruit those who can serve a full career. However, I don't actually know so contact HR as advised by Zad.
  10. Hi Chris, If you want to join the RMP, then join their reserves but if you want to join the BP then join the specials. Brum
  11. Solicitor to Police Officer.

    I believe you can do either, but not both. It is much the same for security personnel - they can leave their career and become a full time PC, but they can't do both at once.
  12. Thanks JMT for your kind regards and Sammy for your warning. I have kept my life on hold for a long time, at some point it has to stop.
  13. I'm told that "if" they run an intake I "may" be selected "possibly" in 2016. Reassuring right?? xD