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  1. The timetable in the first couple of weeks is ok and then it starts to get intense and you have to manage your time well at night and study as your knowledge checks and other tests start within first 4 to 5 weeks and the subject matter gets heavier with loads of legislation to remember
  2. You are finished most Fridays by 1430 apart from week 1 which is later
  3. Sorry to burst your bubble ladies about your pilates classes but you will not have time in first couple of weeks with all the studying you will have to put in and also prepping your kit for next day they do run some classes here at tulliallan but not sure what and for anybody that gets a hire car to come here the keys are handed over to reception on monday and you dont get them back again until the friday the cars are just to get you to and from your force area sorry to be the bringer of bad news !!!
  4. I am also here at tulliallan at the mo on the January intake there is no push/pull to the fitness test on the bleep test at start of week 2 while doing that you also take part only for statistics in testing what possibly might be new fitness test elements in future press ups,weight carry over a distance an standing jump test
  5. I am currently there at the moment just started in January Intake you will be ok with 3 or 4 White T-shirts and a couple of pair of black shorts and dont forget white socks !! you will also need a one piece swim suit as some PT might take place in swimmimg pool reference your other question you are ok to train in your own kit at night but it must be sensible no football colours or skimpy lycra outfits any other questions will be happy to answer for you Scott
  6. For myself starting with Strathclyde we were told to wear Business suits and must be a white shirt (photo for warrant card)
  7. From OH receiving my report from doctor it took about 1 week for recruitment to contact me so fingers crossed for you that you join myself and others for the final fitness test 7th December and start 9th January
  8. I failed my first medical In Nov over a small issue that needed furthur investigation by a specialist I was given the address and phone number for the OHU from the recruitment team at Jackton after speaking to my doctor and getting the appointment at hospital had the tests and then I got my doctor to speak to OHU and he sent them a report they then decided on outcome and then recruitment called me to say I am ok to continue and hence I have join date of 9th Jan so its up to you to get your doctor to speak to OHU and send them a report becuase trust me they will not contact you