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  1. In our line of work, there will always be that group no matter what will bash us and shout loud. There is absolutely nothing we can do about it (legally anyway!!) Since taser went out service wide to all SGTs the call for our unit to deal with EDPs has dropped considerably, but we are still called for all EDPs who are baricaded or threatening to kill themselves and others or too violent to deal with. Ive seen a young 120lb soaking wet EDP while being taken down, lift three 250 lb plus tac guys and shrug them off! Some of the biggest struggles Ive had in my career have been with EDPs. Plus what these anti taser and excessive force cretins fail to realise, is that we dont want to hurt these people, they cannot help how they are feeling or what is happening, they are in crisis, we do what we can to quickly and with least force end the situation. The thing is, nobody will ever stand up and support us bacause of the threat they wont get the next bump or may destroy their future employment outside the service. All we can do is continue and try to get message across. We have dedicated Mental Health units, officer and MH nurse who can dedicate time to EDP issues. lectures to Emergency room staff and socila organisations explaining what we try to do. We always state, they should try to do what we do, and I agree but I wouldnt want half of these morons in the job or trying their stupid tactics because we would probably have to go in and save their stupid hair brained asses anyway! Merry Christmas to one and all and hope you all have a very happy adn safe New Year.
  2. After 15 years both in UK and here in Canada, I feel that the best baton Ive used was the PSU baton (the long stick Ive seen the Met officers carry), nice and long with a great striking tip, good for crowd control and pushing through a group. . The expandable side handle baton and the extendable ASP or Monadnock friction locks just were not even worth drawing in a situation I personally feel. Now use my asp only for breaking windows if needed or knocking on a door to call someone out. I carry another hot topic item Taser and a side arm aswell as a long weapon if on entries. I used my baton in UK twice in 7 years, one to strike other to restrain with an arm lock. Drawn baton (asp) once in Canada, thought about it then just held it and punched the reprebate instead!! As for CS/OC pepper spray etc. No way!!, dont like the stuff unless I have my mask on, effects too many people differently and a pain in the behind to ensure good decontamination afterwards. In UK went to assistance of an officer fighting with some gypsies, and we got stuck in and as we grabbed, both were hit with the immediate affects of the CS, both couldnt see, became very interesting!! In Canada, assisting another officer, who failed to advise that he had emptied a full pepper spray inside the room, and as we went in to make arrests, wow, like being smacked with a hot fog blanket that stuck to you and wanted to remove your eyes and throat!! Hate the stuff personally, but each to their own. I do feel that all the equipment we use or have the option to use, are only as good as the user and their skill levels, and then that all depends upon the training you get and how much we get to train. Then that all boils down to man hours(sorry ladies!) and cost!! Wow!! how did I get that cynical!!? If your on a department like mine, we train constantly for violent/dangerous situations, as its our job, so get to improve our skills, where as the overworked front line officers and the investigative units maybe do it once or twice a year at best. Anyway, off tangent tirade over, stay safe brothers and sisters.
  3. Very sad and our thoughts are with the family and friends of these two brave Officers. God bless them and watch over them, Always.
  4. Feather
  5. This is a family move, better half is very homesick and family comes first. Dont get me wrong, I love my job and worked hard to get where I am, but like I say, Family first. Anyway, so will begin a new adventure again!!? Just got to wait and see what the job Gods have in store for me in the not too distant future.
  6. Hi there brothers and sisters in blue, Ex TVP officer of 7 years, now in Canada since 2004. Finally joined the forum to keep abreast of whats happening at home. Will be looking to return to UK in close future, hard part is getting back in the service. 15 years of experience though so we will see. Hope all the trials and tribulations the government are causing with the money situation is not going to hard on you all. Last ones squandered all the cash and left a big problem behind. It will get better I hope for you all. Just saying Hi again and stay safe friends Mark (CanexTVP)