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  1. I doubt Officers get away with this over here!

    Just watched the first video by TYT, wow!! crappy terrible and biased reporting and this is the problem with the whole situation. Had to stop watching as they start to go on about the kicking out of view on the streetcar and lethal force part. Like they know anything except whats on TV shows. But this stuff hits millions of people and the court of public opinion gives their verdict!! WOW!! Love to see a few of these moronic reporters and journalists do our job. Maybe open more eyes for once!? Take care people.
  2. I doubt Officers get away with this over here!

    Video can be a damning piece of evidence when only seen from one point of view. There is a bigger story to what had happened prior to Police arrival but that has not been widely covered as the anti establishment and anti Police crowd are screaming for blood. The whole situation is all about the Officer and not why he was called there or what developed prior to the first shot. No probably wouldnt have happened in UK, but what I remember of UK, 9 out of 10 times, the bronze had no backbone and would send the ARV miles away so the individual had no chance of meeting any armed officers. Leaving us poor unarmed shield weilding plods to deal with crazy person with two kitchen knives etc. There is an investigation into the incident and I hope the officer manages to get a fair hearing in court, because as usual he is guilty prior to proven guilty according to many media and anti Police crowd. What appalled me was that the Chief didnt even seem to publicly offer his support to his officer or his family, but he has seen and met with the dead lads family a few times and promised answers. Like many of us both here and in UK, the Officer didnt ask to go to that call or go looking for it. He was dispatched and he had no choice but to deal with it. I do feel for the lads family, hes dead, but circumstances brought him into contact with Police and it ended bad for all involved, both families are affected forever. Gun is just another tool on the belt, unfortunately front line dont have tasers yet, but who knows at that point if it was a good option? we dont know because we were not there just like all the armchair quaterbacks were not either, and suddenly they see a video and make huge statements of knowledge. I hope all of you my brothers and sisters in UK stay safe and give a thought for this officer and his family too.
  3. Previous experience, (does this count)

    Hey there, I was a Police Officer in TVP for 7 years and have been a Cop in Canada for last 9 years. Last year my family and I were coming back to UK this year due to family issues, (thankfully that problem has now passed, Phew!!) I applied to my old service TVP and explained my experience nearly 16 years as front line and specialist. TVP actually told me, that I didnt meet their education standard and would never be eligible for service!! So I believe it depends on the service and dont be too shocked if the small minded black and white rule book recruitment staff quote things to justify reasons. Recruitment should be done by Police Officers and common sense and street smarts are important. I wish you the best of luck with your future and hope all goes well for you. Im sorry if that was not answer you wished for. Im still shocked at the response I got back from TVP but not surprised with the climate of Police at min due to Winsor etc. Stay safe brothers and sisters
  4. If you could carry an off-duty firearm....

    Wow, never thought so many coppers back home in UK were so anti gun, but each to their own. I believe that the question was posed just as a curiosity post as nearly all cops around the globe know the British Police dont carry routinely, and I can honestly state that a lot of them who I work with in canada and have spoken to int he US cannot believe UK officers are not routinely armed. Anyway, back to the question, if off duty and going to be attending court I will take my service pistol. But for personal type, probably a SIG in 9 or 45 preferably. Possibly a nice little pocket .22 revolver. The US officers carry off duty because they are expected to respond if needed to crimes they see committed, and assist others. We dont carry off duty where I serve in Canada, but I would not have a problem with it if required. I train regular and am confident with my firearms. Oh yeah, I was shocked that one comment also stated that they would resign if carrying a firearm in the job came in. Dont start going on about the US gun problems and all that rubbish. Guns dont kill people, bad people kill people!. And I know that the majority of firearm related incidents in the UK are regularly not reported in the press as it would look bad to all the Crime is dropping crowd. There are lots of guns in the UK, and I mean illegal firearms, so stop kidding yourselves that the UK Police are doing it right all the time by being unarmed, I love the UK Police as I was once one, but times change and so must Policing to prevent further disasters. There is virtually no respect for coppers any more, and the crims dont exactly abide by the law do they!!? So once again,Yes I would carry off duty if needed to, so thats my answer and I understand that I may have upset some on here but our opinions are just that, neither right or wrong just opinions. Stay safe everyone.
  5. Australian Police Officer

    Hi WA, I can only give you my experience as to this predicament, I have been a Police officer for the last 15+ years, 7 years in Thames Valley and from 2004 to present 8+ years with Toronto Police in Canada. I have a varied background with experience in front line obviously as that is the most important job, then Ive carried out various deployments with investigative and finally Tactical. Last year, my wife was very homesick and wished to return to the UK. I didnt want to but we do what ever we need to for family, I contacted numerous services in the UK and all of them stated I would have to bcome a new recruit, which was fine but were not recruiting and had no idea when it would open again. One service checked my application email and resume and contacted me to complete a full transferee application, I did this, confirming with them a few times I had been out of a Home Office force for over 5 years, but they stated that was fine and requested me to continue the application, so I then spent a few thousand flying back to UK and completeing all required tests and interviews, after a few days I was informed that I had failed the vetting portion of the application!! They sent me a link to the home office rules and I read them numerous times, the only part is that I have been out over 5 years!! funny that after telling them over and over again! So after all of this, I was out of pocket by around $3500 and no explanation from anyone in recruitment as to real reson why! I believe that somebody made a huge mistake and continued my app, I would rather someone would cough up and admit their mistake, we are all human after all! I also contacted my old service Thames Valley and was told that I would never be eligible as I dont have the required educational background!! i.e. 2 x A levels. Even though I served for 7 years with them, they would not recruit me as a Constable!! Dont care about experience etc. Any way, thats my little bad story but dont let that stop you, recruitment will open again eventually, but just do the best in all testa, dont just pass, pass as high as you can, do not give them any reason to stop you from joining. Once in and able to speak to actual officers and senior officers, then your background will have meaning, unfortunately recruitment is mainly conducted by staff who just use the guidelines as a bible and all common sense leaves the process. Met have been recruiting and Thames valley are at the moment, another one is SOCA or the new NCA. Check out the websites. There are various webites which give you online links to all home office and non home offices services. Dont worry about my tales, just nice to have a rant now and again and explain it is not all plain sailing, and be prepared for idiocy beyond belief but you will get there eventually. Best of luck sir and stay safe
  6. Firing MP5

    For years when ever I used a long weapon, I always shot left handed, just seemed normal and shot pistols right handed, I have no idea why!! All way through my army career I fired all rifles and other long weapons left handed untill the SA80 came around for us and then I had to learn to shoot right handed all of a sudden! To be honest, even though it felt odd at first, it became normal, I know it sounds odd, but if you really feel it is awkward, get a replica or make one and at home practice right handed, sounds weired and you look like a prat but, if you do it enough it becomes second nature, you have to build up the muscle memory. Now I shoot predominantly right handed (wepon side) but I can also shoot well enough to pass all testing, support side too. Like was mentioned, find out your dominant eye, just using your thumb as a sight use one eye then other, see which one stays on sight when you open the eye, that should give you your dominant eye!! Best of luck to all who are going for armed response, then onto tactical, its a fantastic line of work. Stay safe everyone
  7. Firing MP5

    Dont worry mate about using the MP5 it is a very user friendly weapon and is a simple but fantastic piece of kit. Once you begin training, you will no doubt learn to shoot both support and weapon side so no need to fret, and that will be with all your weapons. Wish you best of luck in achieving your goal, it is very satisfying to eventually get the position you wish for.
  8. New recruit which boots to buy ?

    Hi there, another good brand is HAIX, theyre German and are well made and comfy as anything. In my work, we are wearing lots of kit and are heavier by at least 45 lbs. These boots are awsome. Plus they do a good line of factory seconds and last pair of boots I got was worth $170 and got them for $60 because a couple of stitches misses the rear tag properly. Another good brand is DANNER, expensive but very well worth it. Last for years. Dont buy 511s they fall apart too quick, very comfy but dont last unfortunately. Best of luck with recruit training, very happy for you
  9. Canadian Police

    Wow, that question could be answered so many ways by people. Everyone would say their force is best etc. In Ontario, all services go by the OACP certificate which you obtain to continue your application process. This is a series of written exams and the physical testing. The physical is based on various movements around a circuit in a certain time. When I undertook the tests 8 1/2 years ago I thought they were pretty good and should be taken on in UK as you had to train for it. Then you do the beep test or mile and half run. Written tests were a scenario is given to you involving a multi vehicle collision, and you must write a synopsis of events and decide who looks to be at fault etc and draw a diagram. Then there was english and math problems. Nothing to hard, each service used to conduct these tests themselves, but a company now runs it, although some services may still undertake their own testing still. Places like Ottawa, Toronto, London, Windsor, Hamilton are larger cities and they are busy with virtually all types of criminal activity. THere are smaller areas which are not as busy but still have excellent Police officers. If you want a good basis and lots of variety and experience then go for a larger service, want more rural community style, obviously a smaller service. Pluss there is the OPP which are the Provincial Police for the province and they police various townships etca s its cheaper for the town to pay OPP than start their own force. Im sorry I cannot comment on places out west but Im sure others could furnish you with information. Toronto wont be recruiting for a while due to cash problems, just as in UK but they will begina gain, and you would have plenty of time as and when you decide to go for the move. The majority of services around Toronto are good too and all have various departments to aspire to. HAlton Region, Peel Regional, Durham Region, York Region, Hamilton, Guelph plus loads more. I have heard that Calgary, Edmonton, VAncouver are busy places, theya re out west of Canada, plus HAlifax on East coast. All the best mate
  10. Canadian Police

    The application process to get residency can take an age, and I mean a few years, so you need to go online to Canadian Immigration site and read the requirements for permanent resident and skilled worker part. Then complete and get all your documents together. You do not need to use an immigration lawyer, they are truly a rip off, Im no einstein by any stretch of the imagination, but print off all paperwork and read the question etc and you can complete it easily. If you can find an employer over here prior to this who likes and needs you, you could come over on a working visa while your permanent resident paperwork goes through. All this info is on the web site. Try and attend an Canadian Emigrating seminar. Held at various venues around UK, find out online about all this. I do know that over the west side of Canada, one service at one time was assisting in the immigration process but not sure who, sorry. Dont let this put you off, dont know about others but it has all been worth the paperwork, medicals and costs. Another way is if you have loads of cash too, but dont think youd want to be a cop if that was the case. Plus once you land, here in Ontario anyway, ensure you would have medical insurance for at least 6 months as your provincial health benefits (ie NHS type coverage) dont start until 6 months as a landed resident. Go online and check out the Canadian Police websites, there is a website which lists all the servicesa nd links to them, that was handy. They can then notify you if they are recruiting and in particular UK officers/ candidates. I know Edmonton was recruiting last year. I wish you all the best with this adventure, because that is what it is and What is life without a little risk!!? Keep us all posted, and hope I can help further if you need.
  11. Canadian Police

    Policing here is very much the same as In the UK, except there is still a healthy fear and respect for the Police in general, obviously not everyone falls into that category but the majority respect the Police and the job we all do. Seven years in TVP and was never once called SIR, over here it is normal and I remember one of my first arrests for a gun and domestic assault offences, we had to fight with the wannabe gang banger and he called me SIR, I thought he was being cheeky and disrespectful and sarcastic maybe but after explaining error of his ways to him, I realised that he was being genuine. It was very hard to adjust to and could lead ex UK officers into a false sense of security about people, but the crims here are the same as back in blightey. There is less Criminal damage type offences and just pointless vandalism, people dont just get jumped and bashed here as much either, there is violence but not as nasty as UK. WE have a big Gang culture in Toronto, Crips, Bloods and MS13 etc and a lot of Gun related incidents because of it. Toronto is very busy and is a great service for work and dealing with the proverbial "asshole", but we still do meet some very nice and genuine people. Good ticketing system here for certain offences instead of arrests and cautions. Fines etc, which results if they dont pay in their driving licence being suspended until they pay the fine, or wont be allowed a licence until they pay off the fine. Remember this is the Police and as in all services, the politics become a hinderance and pain at all times, especially in a Metropolitan Force, lots of hassle from left and anti law and order brigade, who as usual shout loudest as they do back in UK. All in all, the job here is great as far as I am concerned. All officers are routinely armed with Glocks and all have to pass!! their Shooting and use of force training each year (not hard though). If they fail, they will be put on restricted duties, and work in jobs at station where dont need gun, custody block,duty desk, comms etc. until they requalify, but that doesnt happen very often. I currently serve on the SWAT teams and it is without doubt for me at the moment, a fantastic, satisfying rewarding job. We are extremely busy and train a lot. As with most Met style forces there are lots of squads and departments to look at and have a good career. Wages are good and still have lots of benefits, Health, dental etc. Way of life is good too, shifts I work are good and plenty of days off with family. Compressed work week the front line officers do is a lot better than any shifts in UK and do week long days, afternoons nights and dont do quick turn arounds and never only have two days off at a time, minimum days off would be four, but normaly five or six after shifts. There is a good community feel in most areas and neighbours do know each other. If you are a big local pub type, you may be dissapointed because there is not the same type of pub culture here, all pubs have restaurants in them and unless lucky you may need to drive to get there. Lots of parks and things for families to do, YMCA sports facilities and kids lessons in martial arts and swimming are good and very reasonably priced. We like it here, and yes my wife has home sickness bouts but what with skype and things, staying in touch is easy. No its not the best place in the world for some, but I feel happy here, if you wish you can be English and fly the flag without being branded a racist, or what ever nationality you are, patriotism is encouraged and schools here have the national anthem every day before lessons. I came here with intention of taking on the Canadian way of life and we are citizens now, as are all my children. This is a very multicultural country, but only has half as many people as in the overcrowded UK. Yes there are lots of problems as with all other places , it is not perfect, but I love it and have a good life. Any way, I think ive rambled on enough now, hope that gave you some insight into our life here. Stay safe and best of luck.
  12. Canadian Police

    Hi there, Im currently serving in Canada, been here 81/2 years now. Frank is right, the entrance exams are harder and the physical while not hard, the tests are harder than any UK service require, Im ex TVP too. I can tell you for the forseeeable future, Toronto will n ot be recruiting but other services around the country will be. When we came, I had to be a Landed permanent resident, all my UK quals and exams had to be equivalenced into comparing Canadian qualifications, then after you attend the initial fitnessa nd written exams, the service would do background checks and call you forwards for initial interview and then the local focussed interview. Then references and criminal vetting done and maybe a job offer arrives. Ontario has the most services, you cannot become a RCMP untill a Canadian citizen. In west coast and East coast services you need to also undergo a lie detector test (average around3 - 4 hours strapped to machine and answer questions!!) Way of life out here is great and fantastic for family life and all forms of outdoors life. including hunting, fishing, skiing, watersports etc. I love it here, so does wife but still has homesickness at times, tried to return last year for that reason, and UK Police services basically told me, even though I have been a serving cop for last 15 1/2 years, not enough exams, ie A levels and out of home office force over 5 years! so too bad. If you do it, I state you would have a great life, but I am biased!! Best of Luck
  13. Should officers be armed with Tasers?

    I cant believe how this has become an argument. I have Policed both sides of the Atlantic for the last 15 plus years. From 1997 I can safely say that at times if i had had a pistol while on the front line I wouldha ve used it. Ive had to wait for ARV to attend and it takes a long time sometimes. Ive had to do things which were classed as dangerous because we had no sidearms and an ARV was to far away. With regards to Canada where I am now, thankfully we dont lose that many officers but wehre do the stats come from to say mainly firearms. GUNs dont kill people, people kill people, a gun is a tool. Im shocked at the what appears to be a lack of Bulldog attitude now back home, and a high degree of PC. We have to look after each other, management wont. Im a well armed officer at most calls, and im a trained crisis negotiator and we do this regularly with very dangerous people. Lots of guns over here owned legally and its not those that are used in crime, its the illegal ones as usual. When you use any use of force there is a chance of an investigation, so what!! IF you are that bothered about being documented or investigated when you act, then I think you need to decide if this is the job for you. guns unfortunately are a necessary piece of equipment. Better to have and not use, than need andn ot have!! Tasers are also needed on the streets of the UK. The violence level in the UK is horrible, and Officers need to be able to defend themselves and others safely. Federation need some balls and so do the government. If they keep listening to the left and criminals and lawyers, the Police will not have any powers or abilities left. USA has lots of people and lots of criminals, just like the UK, gun offences are committed in both countries, more people in US so more gun offences than in UK, but remember GUNS are prohibited in UK, so why are there still so many gun offences. the press just dont report it all, but GUNS arent prohibited in US. Reason more gun offences too, is due to the fact that country actually gives proper sentences out to its offenders, and many are willing to fight to get away. Sentencing in UK is a joke as we all know. Dont compare selves to US, at least they can defend themselves when needed quicker than in UK. Should officers be armed with tasers, in my opinion YES, training is easy, trust me! and recertifications are aswell. Nobody would fail as long as we help each other. Policing should not be stats driven, we are Thief Takers and should act like it. Arrests should be quality and get back to good convictions, the name may be Service but we are Law and Peace Keepers, we need to be professional but not weak. Anyway, rant over. YES tasers for all officers in UK and in Canada. Brothers and sisters in USA, keep doing a great job and everyone please STAY SAFE.
  14. Whats Happening With Recruitment?!

    ACPO guidelines with regards to recruitment and security vetting was also mentioned, my background is fully checable, I am a British Citizen with no employment issues. Just confused as to why I wouldnt even be considered, even giving me the rejoin course is a hell of a lot cheaper than a new recruit, plus I dont need re tutoring. Maybe I cant be moulded into a statistics robot like the New emerging Police management want!! Annoyed that there is no Forward thinking services, the Met are understaffed by 400, and not even considered as I have not been in UK for 3 years!! Really? No Ive been a copper in a Commonwealth Country doing the same job as in the UK. Sorry for the rant, I can feel myself begin to want to shout when I think about this. Oh well.
  15. HI everyone, I joined the Police in 1997 in TVP, completed 7 years there and had the oportunity to emigrate to Canada with my wife and joined Toronto Police in 2004. In the last 15 years I have gained vast amounts of experience, quite a few specialist skills, including Tactical, negotiator, HRT etc. I only stopped being an officer for around 2 weeks leave in 2004 when I left UK and moved to Toronto. I started 2 weeks later. I understand the Home office rules with regards leaving service and rejoining, but common sense must prevail?? surely or am I being so stupid as to expect the Police to have common sense?? Id understand if I had left the job and changed trades ie work in a store, become a bar tender, stripper!! etc but I stayed a cop! Due to family reasons we are returning to UK and I really wish to stay an officer because I love this job and I feel Im good at it. But the guidelines are concrete according to every Police service Ive contacted. Over 5 years have to be a new recruit!! plus was told by TVP that I dont have 2 A levels so Im not even eligible to be given a joining application!! 15 years as a cop and not eligible!! WTF! My CV is quite full and I still keep uptodate with Policy and law, but every time I contact a service, the civillian human res tells me its no good and cant join, no way they can have an open mind!. Where are all the Police officers who are in charge of recruiting? who may have a different view and think, oh a trained officer. What the hell is going on with common sense? Oh well, I know some will say, tough poopoo, u left in 2004 and too bad u cant rejoin, but I dont expect the earth, just the ability to be a copper again, surely 15 years of Policing is just as good as 2 A levels and at least I know what to do on the street. Anyway, best of luck to all for 2013 who are trying to join or are waiting to start. stay safe and keep frosty.