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  1. Hi all Been a long time since I have been on this. I applied approx. 3 years ago for PC but was unsuccessful due to 3rd party on my vetting form I appealed and was unsuccessful :-( I have been selected for interview for the Support Staff but worried about vetting again does anyone know if previous vetting failure will affect this post even although it is support staff?? I did ask recruiting and they advised this should not affect my application! But once bitten and all that don't want to be disappointed again. Thanks
  2. Police Scotland July intake

    Thanks D78 the way I see it nothing to lose, as I don't know the reason I have asked that an appeal is lodged adn that if they need anymore supporting information to let me know. There is no point in putting a long winded letter about what it may or may not be just register the fact that I want to appeal and go form there! Although I still need to resign myself to that fact I am 90% not getting in! Can put my efforts and energy's into something else and not dwelling on this even although it has devestated me for the 2 time in 11 years!
  3. Police Scotland July intake

    Appeal now officially lodged! Fingers Crossed!
  4. Police Scotland July intake

    mcsrew can you pm would like to find out a bit more about what you did yo appeal
  5. Police Scotland July intake

    will give it a think over the weekend i had debt about cost of car and never been arrested but email does say poeople on my vetting form and there are 2x people i declared as having a conviction 15 years and 24+ years go!
  6. Police Scotland July intake

    i wouldnt even know where to start to be honest in terms of an appeal i would like to know even if it has nothing to do with me!
  7. Police Scotland July intake

    gutted is not the word but failed the vetting got told yesterday hard to get my head round the fact it is over but it was always an area of concern so not the biggest shock. been advised i wont be told why again fair enough but in a way that makes it harder but you will never have a definative answer. 2nd time in 11 years think its time to say the dream is over and some things are not meant to be. gutted still the same going to take a while to get over it! :-(
  8. Police Scotland July intake

    D78 - tried the shuttle runs - wow hard work but hopefully over he next few weeks will see an approvement. Your right about the running on the road its great in the nice weather but after my 10k the other week legs were goosed for a couple of days but the treadmill is boring good job the gym has tv's on them!! I still not got any news whether the vetting has passed - how long has others vetting taken?
  9. Police Scotland July intake

    Good tips. There is a steep hill where I stay, so that sounds good, I am going to the gym 3 times a week but finding that is not enought (I have two young children so struggle timewise) and they have given me fartlek training on piece is 22 mins 1 x minute walking pace 2% incline then 1 x minute 13 speed treadmill at 4% incline I can only manage 30 sec of this and go back to walking speed. So you think doing this with my gym work and 1.5 - 2 mile runs would help. Cheers your help is appreciated
  10. Police Scotland July intake

    Hi All Sounds like everyone is either getting info or on the road to somewhere now! To digress slightly is anyone losing a bit of motivation in respect to the fitness side I am doing ok but struggling a bit as I train on my own, just completed a 10k last week in 1hr 4 minutes so definately no paula radcliffe. Would be nice if there was peeps from the Stirling or surrounding area who are training even if it is to get a bit more motiviation as been doing all this training on my own for a year be nice to have someone in the same boat to help me along and vice versa? Let me know. Or does anyone have any tips. :-)
  11. Police Scotland July intake

    Hi dr_b Nothing since November last year although I know I am or have been vetted just not user of outcome. Sorry meant to say not had fitness medical or uniform fitting yet
  12. Police Scotland July intake

    i applied May 2012 so been a long wait and it was central i applied to.
  13. Police Scotland July intake

    Just received an e-mail - which no doubt some of you will get ref to an update on our applications. Bascially advises that intake been put back till late August early Sept and will be quarterly thereafter. Also askes if you are willing to forgo your "protection' if you applied for specific force prior to the merger. Basically means that if you are willing to be station anywhere then you maybe put in the a pool for another area that the one you originally applied if not Police Scotland - if you make a note of interest then your are not held to this but may mean that you move up the que which makes sense in the grander scale of things for people that are not bothered where they are put. It also means that things are going to take longer I am now in my 4th week and not heard if my vetting has passed yet but I am hoping that no news is good news! PS Is anyone from Stirling doing any fitness training for the police intake - message me if you are thanks?
  14. Police Scotland July intake

    Hi all I too applied in may 2012 at present i have to retake fitness test and medical still to do not got the all clear for vetting but this is underway/completed. I originally applied for central I was told they are getting a group ready for intake July or September but until we know for def god only knows? All the best to everyone :-)