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  1. Hi, Im not sure where the best place to post this is. I was just wondering whether anyone knows of any good apps for the iPhone which can help to keep track of shifts, yet not too difficult to keep updating (i.e can input a certain shift pattern) Thanks!
  2. That's a brilliant one...
  3. Is a hospital ward considered to be a public place? You are called to a drunk and abusive person on the ward during visiting time. What offences come to mind apart from the obvious public order offences?
  4. Is regina the complainant for all public order offences? For example a racist remark I would arrest for a S4 public order offence but would the complainant on the crime be Regina
  5. Protect a child or vulnerable person - Impose bail conditions??
  6. Ok thanks mate, so basically if its for a mobile phone ticket where you are the only witness then it's an MG front sheet MG10 (dates to avoid) and MG11.
  7. If someone refuses to accept a traffic ticket for example using a mobile phone whilst driving and you therefore have to report them. What MG forms do you have to include in a files and then who do you send it to? What is the process?
  8. Anyone got any tips or tricks on Contemp Interviews? When you give the caution +2 (free to leave etc) How does this affect you if the person does exactly that? What are you goals of the interview? Getting answers for points to prove?
  9. Struggling with some of the questions. How would you answer the one "You're on a late shift in the city centre and someone pinches your bum, what do you do?" - Technicaly it's a sexual assault?? "Have you ever made a bad decision?" - Yes of course I have, everyone has but can't pin down a good example!? "What would you do if you were in the canteen and two officers, senior officers, began to make homophobic comments?" - Challenge them? Or inform your supervisor? Any help is appreciated....