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  1. Transfer of A/C scores. Interview scores.

    How did you get on mate?
  2. Transfer of A/C scores. Interview scores.

    Guessing you have heard by now??
  3. Transfer of A/C scores. Interview scores.

    When do you find out how you got on?
  4. Suffolk

    Any news?
  5. Suffolk

    Any news?
  6. Suffolk

    Yes. It's after the Assessment Centre. Have you had your assessment results yet?
  7. Norfolk Application

    Anyone got any updates? I know there are Assessment Centre's being held this week.
  8. Suffolk

    Applied back in March and had my assessment in June. How did you find the assessment?
  9. Suffolk

    Special in Norfolk. I believe the majority of Specials / PCSOs have had their assessments now
  10. Suffolk

    Good to hear from you mate. When did you apply? Are you a serving special / PCSO?
  11. Suffolk

    Anyone going through the process with Suffolk at the moment. I've got my final interview soon. Anyone else in the process?
  12. iPhone Shift Apps

    Hi, Im not sure where the best place to post this is. I was just wondering whether anyone knows of any good apps for the iPhone which can help to keep track of shifts, yet not too difficult to keep updating (i.e can input a certain shift pattern) Thanks!
  13. Norfolk Application

    Here's hoping
  14. Norfolk Application

    Do you know any more about what goes on at the medical?
  15. Norfolk Application

    Recruitment was open to all. Anyone got any update? One of my friends applied and hasnt even heard back from the paper sift yet!