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  1. FLO training and job role

    Afternoon folks, Anyone here ever been a FLO, had their training or know any FLOs that are able to give me some advice? Currently typing up an application. Cheers
  2. February starts

    my letter says 8.30...y'all confusing me! lol early night?!? ha! sleep = zero
  3. February starts

    should you bull your shoes even if they are brand new? or could they wait til the ex-military shoe wizards show us how to do them properly? so nervous for tomorrow. my hairs the shortest its every been since primary two :-P
  4. February starts

    BTW folks, I would recommend the book "Police Officers Guide 2013, a Handbook for Police Officers of England, Scotland and Wales". My fiance bought me it as a new job gift, and I am really chuffed with it. She was trying to get me the Scottish Beat Officers Companion 2012/13 but it is harder to find than gold-dust. That's prob something we could get out of tuli library. Some of the stuff in it you have to ignore because its England and wales, but most of it answers a few of the wee, annoying questions that you dont feel like asking. Hows everyone doing? Stomachs doing somersaults yet?
  5. February starts

    did you find out?
  6. February starts

    give them a call...some got it by email other will get it by post probs tomorrow. call them if you want to know before the postman arrives
  7. February starts

    nhughes89...I had a lot of problems with my previous employers as well. Took me about three weeks to get a reference from my last place. Just try and hound your prev employers as much as possible (its illegal to give a bad reference these days anyway) and keep in touch with the recruitment staff. they can be very understanding and helpful as long as you keep them in the loop.
  8. February starts

    Greater Glasgow division as well. Pretty chuffed :biggrin: was worried I might get Argyle and Bute Division...would not have been fun with a six month old lol
  9. February starts

    Tell me I'm not the only one that doesn't have my division yet??? :s
  10. February starts

    yeah, we were told at the final fitness that there would be no issue with kids being there. I faced a similar dilemma with my family. My fiance and I have a 4 month old son and have yet to get a good family picture and the oath of office night would be perfect. however, it is 7pm until 10pm and thats a lot of time to occupy and amuse a four month old lol. so, for yourself mark, you will have to think if its fair that your daughter sit and watch for 3 hours. if you think she can, then there shouldnt be a problem, Im sure she will be very proud ;-)
  11. February starts

    what do you mean by format? you mean how the night will go or how the evening is structured? p.s we should find out some time this week, hopefully they have already been sent and its just up to royal mail now
  12. February starts

    I got my invite for the oath of office for my four friends and family yesterday...starting to get more and more real :-) any one else get theirs? has everyone sent away the provisional for the minibus licence? do you need a decision from the dvla before you start?
  13. February starts

    I finish on friday also. cannot wait to spend time with my fiance and wee boy before the college. Really excited about starting. I have a pair of steel toe capped boots that are easy to polish, my uncle who used to be in the MOD police bought me them. He said I would probs have to get another pair for when i start on the beat though, as running in steelys wouldnt be very fun I dont think lol.
  14. February starts

    i dont know what the process is. im not sure if it is the week before we start, or the start of the month (i heard a rumor about this when I was doing my investigating for initial interview)
  15. February starts

    That's us into feb folks, only a couple of weeks and we start!! :-) anyone got the "email" or the "letter" that gives them their division that they will be in. The january mob got it around this time? any other updates?