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  1. November 7th starts

    Wouldn't go into it alot Colin...there are various inputs from departments, sworn in by chief const, uniform issued and showed how to maintain it, warrant cards issued, PE and an intro to drill. In reality it's filling in forms and signing your wages away to pension etc!
  2. November 7th starts

    Haha. I live in L division so my chances were reduced being sent northwards! Glad everyone happy so far then, can't wait to find out where we'll be posted in our divisions!
  3. November 7th starts

    G division for me which is ideal distance wise, relieved!! You get a letter?
  4. November 7th starts

    Got letter today advising which division I've been appointed to, and to be told where will be posted when we start Jackton. Everyone else received a letter?!
  5. Question about wages

    On the topic of wages can someone tell me when we will get paid? Just to juggle the direct debits between last work pay and 1st police pay! Cheers
  6. initial interview

    A lot of people will say get researching, get on the Strathclyde website and know what's happening and the priorities....it's a must that you should what's happening in your own area so get down your local station.....learn about the the 2 year probation period, Tulli etc Personally, my interview lasted an hour and only 5/10 mins were covered on the above/research so every interview is different....the rest of the hour was about me covering skills and past experiences i.e covering the competencies team work, communication etc G
  7. Tulliallan 12th November 2012

    I'm starting on the 12th also :) when I had my uniform fitting the guy said that Strathclyde were sending up at least 80 new recruits!
  8. Final interview help?!

    Hi Ashley, mostly questions about yourself really as already posted...in terms of research I got asked about the forces and local priorities, including campaigns that are on that are on their website. Be prepared for the well known questions like what if your posted far away from home etc and the why should we hire you at the end...common sense for the scenario questions
  9. Initial Interview on Monday

    The majority of my initial was all about teamwork, communication, diversity etc etc so make sure you have examples of each from work and so on...both positive and negative like have you ever let your team down, a team member not pulling their weight - very much competency based, but guess they're all different!
  10. November 7th starts

    Wouldn't worry about the whole not finding the file thing, it will all work out for you mate!
  11. November 7th starts

    Count me in also :) passed my final today, medical tomorrow, fitness on 17th Oct