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  1. Previous experience, (does this count)

    To be honest your best bet is to call recruitment and ask them, they will have a much better idea than any of us! Good luck with Norfolk though pal, I just got my start date through!!
  2. Boots

    www.patrolstores.com Has everything you'll need when you start and usually has some good deals on as well. In term's of what boots, I use Magnums and really can't complain. There is quite a bit of truth in 'you get what you pay for' here, remember your going to be wearing them a lot!
  3. I would double check that, I'm BTP at the moment and know for a fact the presentation forms part of the interview... our PCSO's that have got through have been given guidelines on what to include in the presentation.
  4. As long as you hit the key points, challenged unacceptable behaviour and came up with reasonable solutions I'm sure you'll be fine. The five minutes is a time limit, not a guideline after all.
  5. Norfolk Application

    Ladies and gents, How's everyone getting on with their applications? I've been fortunate enough to pass the final interview and medicals, not sure what happens next though? Any updates/insights would be appreciated!
  6. Just keep it really simple, ask all the relevent questions and look for subtle comments that suggest further 'digging' is required. You won't spend all five minutes asking questions as you will have to come up with some conclusions to the problems. The best advice I can give you is to buy the books off the internet which will in essence teach you word for word how to succeed in police role plays.
  7. Presentation Help

    Norfolk Pol's and Norfolk Pol's PCC website are where I got all the info I needed, how did you get on???
  8. Norfolk Application

    The staff that ran our Assessment Centre yesterday told us that you get your results back two weeks after the last AC which is today. That may be the last of this particular group though, there may be more?? Give them a call a find out, don't lose hope!
  9. Norfolk Application

    I applied months ago around September/October time so it took a while to come through, don't lose hope yet! Try given them a ring, see what they say! Yeah I've heard Norfolk is lovely, would be a bit different from London where I currently work
  10. Norfolk Application

    Yeah same as me, I'm just going to stay up in a hotel the night before. I've done it to get in as a pcso but never the PC one! Good luck pal!
  11. Norfolk Application

    Yeah same as me, the joys of being single!! 0830?? You already live in Norfolk or have you applied from further out??
  12. Norfolk Application

    Congrats dude!! Did you confirm a date with them yet?
  13. Norfolk Application

    I'm not sure that hearing tests are included in the medical anyway?? And as far as I'm aware they are not expecting your eyesight to be perfect, just to a minumum standard. Needing to wear glasses shouldn't be a problem. Good luck with it all!!
  14. Norfolk Application

    Cheers dude! AC is 14th Feb, not been to an AC for PC before.... nervous already haha!
  15. Norfolk Application

    I got the email today confirming I'm through to the assessment centre in Feb, anyone else had any luck??