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  1. Tulliallan Weekends

    Carrickfergus you? Yeah again Ditto was planning the same
  2. Tulliallan Weekends

    I'm also from NI! Was wondering the exact same thing!
  3. Tulliallan January 2013 intake

    Also starting in Jan with Strathclyde
  4. January the 9th intake

    Starting in Jan with Strathclyde, still have my medical and final fitness but shouldn't be a problem, hopefully! Final fitness is also on the 7th!
  5. Tulliallan Weekends

    by the way, anyone else here starting Tulli on the Jan intake? I start at Strathclyde on the 9th!
  6. Hello, On the Jan intake for Tulliallan, I was wondering as I am not from anywhere near the place is it possible to stay there at the weekends? Wouldn't be planning on staying there every weekend and I realise you would prob have to get your own food but might be handier. Cheers