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  1. £100 fines on Friday

    Motorcycle offences, eg carrying more than one passenger. So the school run's out then.
  2. Cycle ride support vehicle

    That's a real shame. You're acting as a support vehicle, aka broom wagon, not a vehicle escort. The riders follow the route, you set off from the start point up to an hour later, and follow the last rider, who does not have to be in your line of sight. Just some way ahead on the road. You're responsible for your own road safety, the same as the cyclists. If you catch them up, you don't tailgate them. You pull over in a safe place and wait. I would not regard a group of 9 cyclists warranting any form of "Caution - Cyclists" sign on the back of your vehicle, which are normally black/yellow. It is helpful if someone in the cyclist group has walkie-talkie contact with the support vehicle to call him forward, but it can all be safely done within the remit of normal Highway Code rules and vehicle insurance. I'm speaking as a member of the public and an ardent long-distance cyclist who has undertaken many similar events.
  3. Why the war between drivers and cyclists?

    why is there no requirement for specific third party liability for cyclists against injuring pedestrians, which any competent cyclist should be able to avoid surely?? I regard myself as a competent cyclist, having survived 20+ years cycling the A & B roads of Britain & Europe. I'm often commuting to work at a similar speed to motorists, between 20mph-30mph in built-up areas. However, my approach along the road is silent, for any numpty to step out from the kerb without looking. Bells are inaudible on today's roads. You often don't have time to shout a warning; its brake/swerve and take your chances avoiding a collision with a vehicle or street furniture.
  4. Why the war between drivers and cyclists?

    I have dual mirrors fitted on both my roadbikes, but use over-the-shoulder checks or 'lifesavers', as per motorbiking, when I'm about to change position or direction on the road. You can't hope to make eye contact with a following driver, but a shoulder check hopefully makes the driver behind know that you're aware of his presence and that a maneouvre around an obstruction or something else is imminent. Vibration in the mirrors due to the current poor state of our roads is a real issue for cyclists.
  5. Why the war between drivers and cyclists?

    I would hazard a guess that the majority of recreational cyclists do not have 3rd party insurance; however, cycling enthusiasts belonging to organisations such as CTC, Audax UK, Road Time Trials Council (RRTC) and others, almost certainly would be covered. The AUK provides its members (inc. temporary) "normally resident in the UK" with 3rd party insurance cover throughout the event for claims in excess of £250. Many years ago, I was the victim of a hit-and-run driver. My household insurance paid for a new bike, and that was it. No personal injury settlement either from the untraced driver or the Motor Insurers Bureau (no registration number available from witnesses).
  6. Why the war between drivers and cyclists?

    This was in the news recently, which elaborates on some of the points raised above:
  7. If the dog chased the burglar out of the house and down the street, before ripping the poor guy to shreds, would the owner be made to clean up after his pet?
  8. Yes, but would a dog who bites a burglar get his collar felt?
  9. The lunatics are running the asylum.
  10. How many have you tried?

    Having looked up the definition of euphemism, I believe it was a double-entendre referring to an old three pigs nursery-rhyme, therefore showing my advancing age (and senility). It's true that I have been presented with rather hairy pork scratchings in the past, but I was trying to avoid dropping the tone of the thread to a more testicular level. I would never have believed this site to be so educational on all topics.
  11. How many have you tried?

    Yep. Sure were. Must have been from his chinny-chin-chin.
  12. How many have you tried?

    I like pork scratchings - but avoid the hairy ones.
  13. Bikers Corner

    By the way, I'm considering joining the local Devon Freewheelers (National Blood Bike Service). Anyone here have any experience of that organisation they'd like to share?
  14. Bikers Corner

    Thanks. It rides every bit as good as it looks.