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  1. If the dog chased the burglar out of the house and down the street, before ripping the poor guy to shreds, would the owner be made to clean up after his pet?
  2. Yes, but would a dog who bites a burglar get his collar felt?
  3. The lunatics are running the asylum.
  4. Having looked up the definition of euphemism, I believe it was a double-entendre referring to an old three pigs nursery-rhyme, therefore showing my advancing age (and senility). It's true that I have been presented with rather hairy pork scratchings in the past, but I was trying to avoid dropping the tone of the thread to a more testicular level. I would never have believed this site to be so educational on all topics.
  5. Yep. Sure were. Must have been from his chinny-chin-chin.
  6. I like pork scratchings - but avoid the hairy ones.
  7. By the way, I'm considering joining the local Devon Freewheelers (National Blood Bike Service). Anyone here have any experience of that organisation they'd like to share?
  8. Thanks. It rides every bit as good as it looks.
  9. Here's my beast, if I can get the image thing to work. A 2009 Honda CBF1000 GT, and it's always on the go, for local commuting and more long-distance stuff, including regular two-up.
  10. Well, the next time one of them runs up and attempts to bite me in the ass as I turn away I might consider it.
  11. In a nutshell, I'm tired of walking through public parks & local amenities etc. with my children and having to dodge dogs running off the lead who run up to you to socialise and consequential dog-fouling where the owner turns a blind eye. In my area there seems to be little enforcement of dog ban issues, such as in the park or on the beach, by the local council. It's anti-social and should go the same way as, eg. passive smoking in public places. I realise that it may only be a minority of dog-owners giving others a bad name, but there you go. A blanket ban nationwide- that's my vote.
  12. This should go the same way as we are 'restricted' by seatbelts for drivers and helmets for motorcyclists. Dogs on leads in a public place.
  13. Gee, tough crowd today. The defence rests.
  14. And that makes it acceptable for any stray mutt to wander in and the dog's owner has no responsibility/culpability?