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  1. Getting Ready For Tulliallan

    Instructors were good Chris. Full on at first, but back off a bit once everyone Is doing what they should. Anyway I finished college 2 weeks ago, out on the street now.
  2. Tulliallan January 2013 intake

    How was your first day then? I saw your kit bags at Nelson Street yesterday when we were on our way back to Tully.
  3. Tulliallan January 2013 intake

    I just took my paperwork in with me. You will get your kit during your first day (unless you already have it).
  4. Tulliallan January 2013 intake

    No it's free, unless Aberdeen are playing at home mid week, then you cannot park there.
  5. Tulliallan January 2013 intake

    There is plenty of parking in the streets heading towards the beach or along the beach esplanade which is only a 10-15 minute walk, maximum. Although it rained like hell for me during that walk.
  6. Getting Ready For Tulliallan

    Don't sweat it, keep the TV under your bed (so long as it fits). A lot of people complain there's no room but after you've lived in a tent in the desert for 6 months in 50c temperatures, everything else is easy. Items just need to be out of view, that's all.
  7. Getting Ready For Tulliallan

    No probs. I'm on week 7, so if you have any question, just ask.
  8. Getting Ready For Tulliallan

    Yes, take your own towels.
  9. Assistance Needed

    I don't know what the jobs are but they do exist. The reason I know this is two probationers in my intake came from civilian staff. One doing Intelligence, the other financial investigation. I'm sure there must be more roles out there as well.
  10. Take Home pay /salary

    Lol, that's the million dollar question.
  11. I used it but got it free from the library. But to be honest it depends on your knowledge and experience. It didn't really help me as I found out more information about the application process on websites like this.
  12. Take Home pay /salary

    No. Windsor doesn't affect Scotland. Starting salary is £23259 for 31 weeks then 25900 till the 2 year point. No increment freeze either.
  13. I don't know. I did 26 years RAF service so there was no option for me to transfer as my pension went into immediate payment.
  14. Grampian Police Recruitment

    It normally tells you which Division (City, Shire or Moray) your assigned too? I'm on week 6 at Tully, getting hit really hard with legislation after legislation. First 3 weeks are quiet then it really ramps up.
  15. Grampian Police Recruitment

    Congrats Rox, what's your start date, where you posted too?