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  1. Instructors were good Chris. Full on at first, but back off a bit once everyone Is doing what they should. Anyway I finished college 2 weeks ago, out on the street now.
  2. How was your first day then? I saw your kit bags at Nelson Street yesterday when we were on our way back to Tully.
  3. I just took my paperwork in with me. You will get your kit during your first day (unless you already have it).
  4. No it's free, unless Aberdeen are playing at home mid week, then you cannot park there.
  5. There is plenty of parking in the streets heading towards the beach or along the beach esplanade which is only a 10-15 minute walk, maximum. Although it rained like hell for me during that walk.
  6. Don't sweat it, keep the TV under your bed (so long as it fits). A lot of people complain there's no room but after you've lived in a tent in the desert for 6 months in 50c temperatures, everything else is easy. Items just need to be out of view, that's all.
  7. No probs. I'm on week 7, so if you have any question, just ask.
  8. Yes, take your own towels.
  9. Good luck Emma. I applied in late April and started with Grampian in November, so it takes a little while. The longest period is waiting for the initial recruitment day.
  10. No quilt needed you have to use theirs for inspection. Do your shoes before you start, will save you time. All this will be covered during your force induction (mod 1) so don't panic.
  11. Yeah, I think just about everything short of murder won't affect you LSGCM in the RAF
  12. That's a shame. I was 4 years short of getting the clasp for 30 years. Oh well.
  13. I've got Telic, Herrick, LSGCM, QGJ and QDJ.
  14. 5, but only got 4 mounted as I thought I'd never have to wear them again.
  15. Lol, Ta