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  1. Lethal weapon 1-4, Bad Boys 1&2, Mad Max, The Sweeney, Tango and Cash, Point Break (kinda), Starsky and Hutch, all the Police Academy films and if your really bored, a new series on BBC Scotland called Scot Squad (comedy but kinda looks factual).
  2. JVet, great idea. Bootcamps and military fitness classes are huge just now. Can't beat someone shouting at you while it's pouring down down and your doing sit ups in a puddle lol. Edmj81, another great idea. Haven't done it myself but takes all factors of fitness and makes it a sport. Perfect for an all rounder.
  3. I did use the word 'motivate' loosely. I'm pretty sure many of the applicants like ourselves are more than capable of being self motivated which was never in question. It was always about the use of the forum being productive to encourage and assist other applicants in fitness training hints and tips to help ease any nervousness regarding any upcoming fitness tests. For example, some of us might be great at the fitness aspect of the recruitment process but poor at others, do we not ask for any help? Do we assume we will be mocked for being lazy because we asked for help? Do we assume we will look like we lack responsibility and determination if we use a forum as an aid to assist us in the recruitment process? I'm pretty sure team working and respect for diversity are Competencies that are tested in the process are they not.......Or maybe that's just Police Scotland. I wonder what other forces promote individuality and lack of compassion. Your obviously entitled to your opinion but all factors must be considered not just the factors you think are relevant as not everyone is in the same situation and lifestyle as your own.
  4. Muz165, In no way am I disagreeing that fitness isn't an integral part in the police or even in living a healthy life but I'm disagreeing with your negative 'put down' attitude towards people that are struggling with training, losing weight and time management as laziness or to be embarrassed about! I'm glad you managed to find so much time to go to the gym in between your hectic work schedule but others may have other commitments, such as living rural (no where near a gym) and not owning a car, being a carer to sick family members, can't afford a £30+ a month gym membership etc, etc etc. all I was highlighting was it's not all down to laziness, being incompetent and not being able to problem solve! Basically I was trying to say that surely by trying to offer other potential police officers advice and feedback on training would be far more beneficial to the forum users than saying it's embarrassing or lazy if they can't find out how to train properly or eat properly. Simon T, again I'm not disagreeing with the importance in fitness in the force but I disagree with way in which muz165 was trying to 'motivate' other applicants. This forum is to allow users to be able to ask for advice or discuss all aspects of recruitment with people in the same situation. I'm pretty sure the applicants that don't try to get fit due to being 'embarrassingly lazy' will get found out. Yes the responsibility you owe to your colleagues is hugely important but I still stick by my opinion that forum users who might not have knowledge and experience of training appropriately should be able to feel they can ask for it in this environment! There is a huge difference between wanting to get fit but not knowing how, which leads to asking for advice or to discuss training than having someone sitting doing nothing but feels that fitness tests should be lowered to allow them access without the effort!
  5. Muz165, your right in a way but it's not as simple as saying negative things like lazy, ashamed or embarrassed to get people motivated. A lot of issues with training properly is doing it around work commitments, child care issues and just having general fitness knowledge. Yes the police need to be fit but they recruit for many reasons other than fitness. I think a thread explaining about how to train properly and nutritional information would be far better than telling someone what's shameful and embarrassing. Everyone has to start somewhere.