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  1. Police Scotland Medical

    Don't panic, I was deferred for 17 weeks but called atleast twice a week for updates! You'll get there!
  2. Got my first choice, G Division! Not long till we start now either!
  3. AshB1989, what's the deal with the private fb group? Do you have to be friends or can you invite anyone?
  4. Police Scotland fitness

    Grotbags, best tip for bleep test is to get out doing shuttle runs, increase the normal distance by 2 or 3 metres either side and do a mock test. Remember your warm up beforehand too, don't want to get injured. Like most fitness tests they are to check more than your fitness levels, they look for preparation and determination! Give it all you have and don't leave recruitment centre regretting not giving it all!
  5. Uniform fitting today. Felt a bit surreal knowing that's one more step taken. Looking forward to starting, 4 weeks 6 days to go!
  6. Police Scotland Recruitment

    Anyone in the same boat as me as me and applied before the posting preference sheet was available? I haven't filled one out and have never been asked since I applied to fill one out, even at SMT and final fitness? I mentioned it to a sergeant in recruitment team who said not to worry about it.
  7. Well Done to you both! Good luck for your next stages!
  8. Stew1991, I'm afraid your in for a bit of a wait. The occupational health department arent as speedy as recruitment. I smashed my fitness test, mile and a half in 8.55 and have had no injuries for 3 years but doctor wasn't convinced. Led to a 17 week wait by the time occy health sent letter to surgeon for a report then still wasn't happy so another letter was sent after an appointment with my surgeon. The surgeon said funnily enough, I don't even know why your here, everything is solid. Astounding. 17 weeks and countless phone calls, in the end the doctor didn't make me aware she had passed it. Eventually heard from recruitment team. All the best and hope you hear soon.
  9. Just read police website, know your areas priorities and divisional commander etc, have examples ready for your competencies, know probationer timetable....if you do the study it'll pay off. Most importantly, relax and enjoy the process. I had to go to motherwell to speak to two probationers as I could never get any in Govan or Pollok. Give the community policing team a call in your local station, let them know your going through the process and arrange a good time to pop in, bear in mind they could get called away anytime
  10. The Recruitment team seem to be powering through the applicants so you should be ok time wise. G Division.
  11. PD121, Only thing I have left is uniform fitting on the 30th of Jan. everything else is done and dusted.
  12. Hi Pd121, what you got left to do in the process? What division are you from?
  13. Hey, where are you from? What command did you apply through? I live in Glasgow area, went through west command.
  14. Good effort Grotbags, you'll be glad to get them out the way! Good luck!
  15. Thought I'd start a post for February 2nd intake. Seems a few people doing assessment centres and final fitness etc could be on this intake so means we can have a chat without clogging up other topics.