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  1. Hendon- Training and Beyond

    In terms of KEE stuff, just make sure your knowledge of the basic offences and powers is solid, mostly so you know you know it and don't panic come exam time. There is a wide variety of people's experiences with the CKP and when I was at Hendon some people had to play catch up because their CKP didn't cover some of the most basic offences. In answer to what to call your Sergeant, go by what they tell you when you get there!
  2. What boroughs have you chosen? I'd say to look at places to live on the outskirts/ Home Counties where it's cheaper (slightly) and you'll be able to drive in. I live in Surrey and work a west London borough, which I chose purposefully because it's a drivable distance and costs a lot less than the train. Granted, parking is a nightmare but I can always get home :)
  3. Westhire Centre A/C Timing Roleplay advice?

    There is an information for candidates pack available for download on the college of policing website. The new competencies are within that pack.
  4. Structure of Surrey Police

    From what I know, TPT officers work out of three 'hubs', Guildford, Staines and Reigate to cover the three force areas. Can't help out with shift patterns etc., it's probably best to get in contact with a TPT officer or ring 101 and talk to recruitment?