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  1. BTP 2013 intake

    Are you taking a notepad?.
  2. BTP 2013 intake

    I'm an external too. I guess as long as we score roughly the same as AC we'll be ok?.
  3. BTP 2013 intake

    Oh touch!, a friendly face from the manor!. I can't remember, are you and external or internal candidate?. Yeh pretty much the same. Got a bit of nervous excitement going on!. I had a pretty tough game yesterday so my legs aren't in ideal fitness test condition!.
  4. BTP 2013 intake

    It said to get there before nine, right?. Chadwell Heath so I'll probably get the underground from Newbury Park. Where are you travelling from?. How you feeling about tomorrow??.
  5. BTP 2013 intake

    Half eight maybe?.
  6. BTP 2013 intake

    Yeh that's what I'm going to do. Not long now!.
  7. BTP 2013 intake

    I'm hoping it's 5.4. Yeh, I ordered a pair of Magnum's. Are you going to take them in on your first day?. I'm not quite sure what to do!.
  8. BTP 2013 intake

    Just over a week!!. How are you feeling about it all?. I'm not looking forward to the PNFT, think I may have over-done it with the food this Christmas!. Have you any idea what it entails?.
  9. BTP 2013 intake

    I'm an external applicant. I kept checking the BTP Recruitment site.
  10. BTP 2013 intake

    Ahh yeh that's probably it, I filled mine out during the AC day. Still waiting for my P46, once I get that I'll send the pack off and that'll be it!.
  11. BTP 2013 intake

    No, what was that about??.
  12. BTP 2013 intake

    Touch!. I think they're sending off the p46 separately. It's all starting to seem real now!.
  13. BTP 2013 intake

    I got mine, are you still waiting?.
  14. BTP 2013 intake

    Did anyone get anything nice in the post today?.
  15. BTP 2013 intake These kind?.