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  1. I've read that detectives have a heavy caseload. Approximately how many cases would they take on each year? And what percentage of those would typically be homicides? Thanks for any help!
  2. Thanks so much. This is extremely helpful. I was going to ask a follow up, but you've answered it (regarding who would retain control/ultimate authority over the investigation). Much appreciated!
  3. I've read several crime novels in which a London detective is dispatched to another part of the country to work on a homicide. Does this ever happen in real life, where a police force in one of the counties would request that the investigation be headed up by Met detectives? Say, in a case involving a high profile victim? I'm guessing that some of the smaller forces would have fewer resources and staff to attend to these kind of cases. Is that right? Also, with regard to rank, how long does it take to move up and how old would a typical detective sergeant and detective chief inspector be? Thanks in advance for your help!