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  1. February starts

    It's 0800 hrs. It'll do you no harm to wear them now to get the creases in place and then start to bull them. Any base-layer you get on now will not be wasted. I am sure that the ex-Military types will assist if you make the effort on them now.
  2. February starts

    What is the report time? 0800 hrs?
  3. February starts

    Normally there is PT in Module 1 on the Friday but it appears the Oath of Office event has meant that there won't be any now (I'm still brining my PT kit anyway as I suspect the Training Staff will want to check that the Strathclyde officers are dressed appropriately for Tulliallan). I think that we will be given some latitude over the standard of bulling for the first few days in Module 2. There will be people on our course who, being ex military, will be ninjas at it. In the spirit of teamwork, I would hope that they would give those not practised in this dark art a hand.
  4. I think you might get asked what Specialist Units are in the Force and just maybe asked which one you would find interesting to work in and why, but the interviews (from my experience) are about identifying your fundamental drivers for wanting to be a Cop.
  5. February starts

    Good luck - can you get your old employer to fax something over?
  6. February starts

    Greater Glasgow Division for me! Delighted with that.
  7. February starts

    I'm sure if you need that vehicle endorsement on your licence, the job will put you through the training for it.
  8. February starts

    Got my letter today too. Licence - luckily I have "grandfather rights" and as good as this sounds, it means that I'll be the "Duty Driver" for minibus moves... :shhh:
  9. February starts

    Looked like PT follows a Thu night in the Coppers' Bar!
  10. Initial interview

    Visit as many stations as you can and speak to the Probationers therein. Go onto the website and learn about the Force Priorities and the local initiatives in your area. Understand Probationer training (Modules) and what you will be taught at Jackton and Tulliallan. Have examples of situations where you demonstrated Leadership, Understanding, Teamwork and Working with Others. Have a very good handle on E&D issues. Finally, search this forum for "Initial Interview help" - there are literally thousands of threads that contain sound advice. Good luck!
  11. February starts

    Nearly everyone ended up doing them... the session was almost an hour long!
  12. February starts

    Was at Tulliallan today and saw the PT session for the Module 4 Jan intake... Start practising your press ups! :sweatingbullets:
  13. Holidays during recruitment process

    Book the holiday as if (and when ) you pass through the sift, you can let them know when you're unavailable. I had to do this as I was working abroad when I was going through the recruitment process and Jackton were very accommodating for me :biggrin:.
  14. February starts

    Strathclyde do not have a fitness test in Module 1 - Induction.
  15. February starts

    Boots - I would get Hi-Tec Magnums (mix of fabric and leather) for the SPC as they are well known and cheap. Once you get to Division, then reassess after seeing what other folk are using. Shoes - any black leather with a smooth finish (it's easier to get a nice bulled finish if the leather is fine grain). What Div? - Recruiting will send a letter before we get to Jackton letting us know our Divisional allocation.