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  1. Really sorry to hear you have been injured, I hope it's a quick recovery for the fitness test, but don't push yourself and make it work, knees can be a pain(in the literal sense!) The last thing you want is a long term injury, which sticks out at your medical!
  2. CNC fire arms

    Only to happy to help reflex4, just try to relax about it all, I know its easy to say, but the a/c was the more stressful bit, for the next step you will finally get an opportunity to gain more of an insight into the CNC. I have heard 3rd hand stories of people failing medicals/firearms/fitness, but I don't think its anywhere near as high as failure rates for application or A/C, you've done the hard bit. Still waiting for news of next step for myself, very frustrating as out of work atm, and struggling to get anything, but yet so close to that police career I really want!!! Good luck!
  3. CNC fire arms

    Fitness and firearms will consist of a briefing from both CNC and firearms training officers, basically trying to put you off joining! Then firearms will consist handling the equipment used and doing some dexterity exercises using the weapons(check interweb for exercises in maximising thumb movement is my tip. Fitness is some warm ups followed by the beep test, so work on stage training, walking, jogging, running, sprinting building up to max capacity in 10 minute stints and some aerobic turning exercises. You can download beep tests apps or mp3's, which helped some. It's nothing to fear, it's quite informal, will give you a chance to meet other candidates and the trainers/HR, just physically and mentally prepare(stretching/eating right) and enjoy it
  4. Training - April 8th

    Hello there crazylegs, and well done to getting where you are, I am still waiting on medical results. All the next info is for memory on a nerve racking day-briefing at fitness firearms; As far as fitness, I think I can remember the trainer saying they do 3.5mile runs, some cross country taking in some of oxfordshire's few steeper hills, so although I have no idea on time, keep pushing, as the guy said he had some recruits needing to stop and walk at first.... he didn't say that in a happy way! They did mention making sure you meet fitness requirements before going to firearms training, so I would work on upper body when you can(don't push to much at this late stage) holding a G36 up sighted will surely take a reasonable amount of strength. Regarding travel I can clearly remember being told as well as living expenses, I think they said they do pay for you to travel home 4 times during training, whether this be a milege allowance, or fares(air fares were included for those living further away) Don't worry to much, it will all be sorted and you've done all the hard work, some previous applicants have gone quiet since starting training, as you would expect, but I am sure everything will be fine, and hopefully I'll get there in the end and possibly work with you some day!!!
  5. BEARDS.

    Applying for a force where respirator use is required(CNC), I felt that I had no choice but to shave the beard that I have had in many different forms for many years off, But I didn't actually meet anyone from the force until my fitness assessment, It is a bit of a mental change, which sounds weird, but after having it so long its a confidence thing. So I would advise giving it a go before you get to deep into your application process if your thinking about it. No beard and believing in the competency criteria means my old nickname(and username) no longer really applies!
  6. New recruit which boots to buy ?

    I used to work selling workwear, and a lot of the local police used to get Magnums from us. I always fancied the bates myself, I went for some superduper ones with plastic safety toes for work around archway metal detectors, but unfortunately got through 2 pairs in 8 months (replaced first pair for free) trouble was I wore through the sole. My advice is to really harass a retailer by trying on every different pair and make sure you do a good wander around the shop, wear thick socks and go later in the day when your feet have swollen up. If its a independent retailer never be afraid to barter on price, it always helps to mention role and say something like 'this place is great, I'll get everyone to come down-might even get an unofficial force discount! Best of luck with training, and as a former boot seller I say-wear the right socks and use the right waterproofer regularly! :tongue:
  7. CNC fire arms

    An interesting read from some of the posters above, I have an application in with the CNC and am at the stage where I am waiting for a start date/provisional offer(hopefully). The above information does paint a glum picture of the job, but its not like a lot of that information isn't up there when you join, and particularly when you are given the talk at the firearms assessment. I only found the CNC existed when it was the only force recruiting pretty much a couple of years back, looked into it, and decided I felt it was for me. A previous role I had was aviation security, Lots of check points, searches, and endless patrols on dark cold nights looking at endless fences, amongst other things. Not the most interesting of jobs at times, but a vital one, and one that people that are motivated need to do, that one off day could be the one where hundreds of persons lives were threatened(possibly multiply by thousands with CNC). The way I kept myself motivated in that position was constantly training for the worse case scenario, making sure those I worked with were at the top of their game, and educating others whilst giving the strongest visual deterrent. That's it what the CNC's role is,to my knowledge; some of the best instructors in the country train you, to utilize some of the best kit, to form a vital line of defence. Sure, I would love to have the blue flashing lights, and kicking in doors and some of the other pulse rating pursuits colleagues in other forces have, but when I think about it, the drunken fights, custody issues, RTC's and endless paperwork don't really appeal(with shrinking budgets), but I do have a massive respect for the job they do and the skills they possess, the same as they are probably glad to have the CNC about when the are short of firearms officers like in Cumbria a few years ago. What appeals about the CNC to me is the responsibility, training(constantly), the ability to do some amazing jobs(escort sounds great to me) and being located in some of the most beautiful and dare I say remote area's of the country(some with such low crime rates in parts the 'regular' police never see). Is it a job for everyone, no, I am sure that some of those that have moved on in the hope of bigger and better things probably had similar sentiments as me at some point, but it is an important job and one that I really relish the idea of taking and those of you applying should look forward to it. (end of lecture/promotional/motivation speech)
  8. Fitness and Firearms - 22nd

    Hey there crazylegs, I also have fitness and firearms on the 22nd! And annoyingly enough I have a chest infection also and managed to strain my leg just before that, so the end of my training schedule has been messed up quite a lot, I finish antibiotics tomorrow, but had my first run in a week today and although I wasn't at my best, it wasn't as bad as I feared! I to am quite nervous of the day, having been training for so long, to see fate deliver such a cruel blow near the end has not helped my confidence, and now hearing there are no countdown beeps hasn't helped!!! When did you do your assessment day? Thanks for the other posters that contribute regularly, been reading for some time now and have appreciated the help