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  1. Hi Ross! I think I am just about there with my preperations! Got all the important things now, just wee bits and bobs like stationery and toiletries to get now! I am to have everything ready on Friday as i have a wedding Saturday and heading up Sunday!! Hope your house move goes to plan and see you very soon!! Fiona
  2. Yeah, the information pack we have been given is the same- just items to bring but no reading or timetable etc. I was orinally on the 2nd sept start date, told one day it was cancelled then phoned the next asking if i could start on 5th August if i passed my final fitness which I had last week! Finish up work tomorrow so a week off to prepare and relax- nerves are kicking in!!
  3. Thought I would start a thread for those heading to Tulliallan on the 5th August! How is everyones preperation going? Can't believe its less than 2 weeks away until we start!
  4. Always the second option #nevergoodenough

  5. Horrible the number of people that are only your friend for personal gain! #dontlikebeingused

  6. There is a big difference between real friends and those who want you for a night out or to talk about themselves! #lovemygirls πŸ‘―πŸ‘­πŸ˜€

  7. Wee night out since its a bank holiday #wouldberudenottoo

  8. We love you.... We miss you... We owe you dollars #nameatime @ashleighduffyx

  9. Night out with the work girls to commiserate turning 24 #elliotsfridays #vodka #dancethenightaway πŸ‘―πŸΈπŸ˜‰

  10. Nearly crying at poor Mr Budgen on Waterloo road #tooclosetoohome #lovemymummy

  11. Is Monday night wine ever acceptable?! #iwantrose

  12. They say there is someone for everyone.... But then why is there old single folk everywhere! #scarythought #iwillbeoneofthem

  13. I want someone to eat poptarts, drink tea and snuggle with #needy

  14. If im not too tired/still too spotty, I wanna go to Glasgow or breahead sat... Someone be my pal and come with? #beggingforpals

  15. I feel like a leper! Need a hobby to fill my days till I turn scabby & to take my mind off the pain! #boredafteroneday