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  1. Derbyshire Info Sessions

    We're in shirt and tie from training and the black wick tops when out operationally... All officers will be in black (outside of HQ) when stores had given them all out (should be in next month or so)... Us guys on the January intake look forward to seeing you guys make sure you come and chat we will next door!
  2. Derbyshire Info Sessions

    Renting... There is only 5 of us that have had to relocate and 4 of us live together now! :)
  3. Derbyshire Info Sessions

    Currently sat in my room at home backing up all my belonging ready to move up to Derby and start my new career and get into my new house! Looking forward to all the challenges and excitements it will bring as well as a fresh new start! Bring on 2013! Good luck to all of you hope to see everyone at some point! Happy New Year!!
  4. Derbyshire Info Sessions

    If they are doing your references then you vetting should be cleared! Week tommorow and it will be day 1 :)
  5. Derbyshire Info Sessions

    Yes all starting have a collar number now :)
  6. Derbyshire Info Sessions

    There is 16 on the intake in Jan not sure if its the same for march. Uniform fitting done and final email come through about time to arrive on the first day and pay! Lets get started! In terms of kit..... No boots or bag issued... Gloves.. Get some mediocre leather ones. :)
  7. Derbyshire Info Sessions

    If your worried about vetting just call them and ask HR are really helpful.... I rung and they told me over the phone..... Not long now.... Weeks away till start date :)
  8. Derbyshire Info Sessions

    Impressed! Rather you than me!
  9. Derbyshire Info Sessions

    See you both on the 7th also :)
  10. Derbyshire Info Sessions

    Good luck we will all get to see each other in training school at some point only two months difference! To be fair made and had so many calls and emails I have lost track but HR - Sarah and Karen are really helpful if you want to know anything give them a call :) House viewings Friday! Need myself a home now too!
  11. Derbyshire Info Sessions

    Yes! Everything come through .... Uniform fitting and have my collar number to now :)
  12. Derbyshire Info Sessions

    On the 19th :)
  13. Derbyshire Info Sessions

    Received my formal offer of appointment on Friday!! Bring on January no stopping me know!
  14. Derbyshire Info Sessions

    Brilliant well done!! I am waiting on one reference and the drugs test back ... Tomorrow hopefully and then I will have my unconditional offer ... Uniform fitting is booked in :) ... I know 2/3 for Jan have dropped out so fingers crossed for you!!
  15. Derbyshire Info Sessions

    Exciting stuff! Will have my tests completed this week... Looking forward to starting in the New Year