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  1. Asda for male parade shoes.... £16, can't go wrong.
  2. Nice one bud, I think I'll give ebay a scan when I get some time. Are you buying two pairs of boots or a pair of boots and parade shoes? I've heard some people say you don't need parade shoes and to just take two pairs of boots but I don't know if I'd take the chance.
  3. What type of magnums did you buy and what site did you find that was cheaper? Every penny's a prisoner in the build up to Christmas! lol
  4. I've had a look mate but nothing really jumps out at me... where to begin! lol
  5. Does your HQ not have a shop, mate? What boots are you looking to buy? I haven't got the slightest idea what to go for!
  6. Awww I see I assume I'll receive that at the end of the month. I start with L&B mate. Exciting times!
  7. Hi mate, I also start in January, however, I have a final pre-employment fitness test in less than two weeks. What sort of stuff was on the list?