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  1. assessment day end of 31st jan L&B

    FYI Divisions E,F & G have now merged and are now known as J Div. Edinburgh has now changed from A Div to E div. Just in case that comes up in the interview.
  2. Fixed Penalty

    As long as you've declared it you'll be fine. Definitely nothing to worry about.
  3. 2 Pairs of Footwear (boots, shoes)

    Asda for male parade shoes.... £16, can't go wrong.
  4. January 8th starts

    Cheers for the advice mate!
  5. January 8th starts

    Just research as much as you can. Phone up for some feedback and work on any weak points (if any). Make sure you understand what's going on at the moment and in the future i.e One force. Make sure you visit at least one station. I'm sure the recruitment team will have told you all of the above. Good luck.
  6. Sets today

    It all depends on the force recruitments timetable. I'd suggest getting the SET's out of the way first before worrying about the fitness. You can always hang back at the end and ask recruitment. As for what to wear... Business dress at every stage.
  7. January 8th starts

    I'm not too sure about the whole uniform shoe as well. It's tough to know what to choose and if you're choosing the correct one. I think I'll have a scan about previous threads and see what other people have recommended. If I find out I'll let you know! lol. I've heard about the definitions as well mate. I wish they had given us some information about that as I would have been happy to do some pre-course reading as it's always best to be prepared.
  8. Sets today

    Show up in plenty of time and smartly dressed. Take your ID. Basically the example SET's available to you are very similar to the actual SET's in terms of types of questions. If you get time once you've finished double check your answers. Good luck.
  9. January 8th starts

    To be honest I've not done any prep at all except maintaining my fitness and keeping up with current policing issues. What have you done? Is there much we can do? I've been pretty full on with my current job at this moment in time as it's crazy busy.
  10. January 8th starts

    There was about two/three months between both stages and I think there was about a week before finding out the results of the assessment centre. To be honest there's that many stages you start to forget lol.Even after the final panel you still have a medical, uniform fitting and final fitness.
  11. Is anyone starting with L&B on the 8th on January?
  12. Fitness test Friday

    Good luck folks! Great feeling when it's out of the way.
  13. Tulliallan January 2013 intake

    Nice one bud, I think I'll give ebay a scan when I get some time. Are you buying two pairs of boots or a pair of boots and parade shoes? I've heard some people say you don't need parade shoes and to just take two pairs of boots but I don't know if I'd take the chance.
  14. Tulliallan January 2013 intake

    What type of magnums did you buy and what site did you find that was cheaper? Every penny's a prisoner in the build up to Christmas! lol
  15. Tulliallan January 2013 intake

    I've had a look mate but nothing really jumps out at me... where to begin! lol