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  1. Tulliallan 25th February

    We can call ourselves the "bleep force". Chris has gotta be the chief constable.
  2. Tulliallan 25th February

    Rox ur making me doubt again that I actually managed it right but Chris witnessed it so i must have. The last time.I did it alone i couldn't keep up with the bleeps on level 4. I totally know what u mean... its a weird feeling! I Will pm u my number at some point so we can.all arrange to meet at college!
  3. Tulliallan 25th February

    Hiya Rox. I got 7.8 and.Chris got 9.9... I reckon you could of easily gone higher though Chris as you made it look so easy!! Was so much better practicing with someone! How ru getting on Rox? All sorted and ready to start? Is it Mon u start?
  4. Tulliallan 25th February

    Lol, Rox... That's funny. Usually when I'm running I'm thinking "omg I hate this, omg I hate this". Polly sounds like you've had a fab last day. I hope u got photos. I will leave u with this thought...."My momma always said, life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get."
  5. Tulliallan 25th February

    Aww I'm jealous Polly. I absolutely love skiing. Have fun at your last day at work!!
  6. Tulliallan 25th February

    Paul, I got my panel in October and I'm in the feb intake. That will give you a rough idea of time. but everyones recruitment process can be different even within the same force. Just guessing here but I think it will likely be an intake after the April one you are in....and then again it will likely all of changed from when my lot were appointed. L&B generally take about 20-25 to Tulliallan but that could increase or decrease with the one force...time will tell. Bart PM me your colleagues name my aunties has been with L&B for a good 20 years and knows everyone!! My inspiration hahah L&B (lambart and butler) Gripper,...yes it reminds me of hanging about the parks...god knows why it was that tar we always got our hands on Forrest run!!!
  7. Tulliallan 25th February

    Hiya Paul. I'm with L&B and mine took from the start of July to end of September... It's a long time (a breeze compared to Gem mind you). I started collating information for my panel and just kept myself up to date with current affairs...also managed to sneak a cheeky wee holiday in there too lol. Good luck...once your through the wait is definitely worth it!! Just stick in there.
  8. Tulliallan 25th February

    Gem 35seconds is loads. Athletes are cheesing when they shave a second off their time. Hiya Bolt!! Rox, I am gutted for u about your boots... I wonder why that happened? When you say started over did u have to try and get all the previous polish off!? That's terrible :-(
  9. Tulliallan 25th February

    Aw lucky u. I bet you'll be sleeping in it tonight...stabby and all ;-) haha. Do u see what i mean about the trousers sizes? I look like Simon Cowell in mine.
  10. Assessment day 11th Feb 2013

    That's a shame!! How much did you miss it by? I would agree with the others, great you have been given another try and 6weeks is plenty time to shave off some time. Best of luck!!!
  11. Tulliallan 25th February

    Polly well done 3k is good!! You should feel pleased with urself!! Gem woooo, I'm jealous of u today I wish I was getting mine again. Enjoy it and try and get some sneaky snap shots.... I did! Lol. To Polly and Rox, I will be going back into Edinburgh so more than happy for you to hitchhike aswell.
  12. Tulliallan 25th February

    Aww happy birthday to ur wee cuz! Hmm enjoy ur catipillar cake, its the best!! It's bad enough leaving ur phone at home without the added stress of not being able to check this lol....u deserve the cake after a stressful morning haha. Polly good luck for tonight. Let us know how you get on. I bet you will surprise yourself and will have kept a lot of your fitness!! Gem ur on the countdown not long now... if you change ur mind and miss it u can make us nice coffees at Tulliallan...see if you can actually get me to like it!! Lol. Fingers crossed ur granda will be well n truly on the mend by thu!
  13. Would Police prosecute ?

  14. Tulliallan 25th February

    Oh sorry my last message wasn't clear. I have another session on Wednesday now so that Thursday was clear lol. Is Thursday ok with you? Think that's when Gem is planning on coming up too so the three of us can do Thu? And anyone else who wants to join us. Stevenson pitches are amazing. Five mins from my house. You sure it's not too much of a trek for u though? Also I have the bleep app on my phone and its pretty loud so should be ok with that!!
  15. Tulliallan 25th February

    I did have a running session on Thu but have changed it to the Wed so would be up for the bleep. I will pm u mine too. The gym was totally dead this morning. 9 must be the time to go. Amazing!