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  1. Recruitment reopening?

    my year is up in October so patiently waiting, and working on my fitness. Does anyone know, if I e mail recruitment, will they tell me fitness time so I have something to work on
  2. So jealous

    Been catching up with posts. I failed my fitness in October so have to wait a year now and so jealous. Think I would have been in the February intake if I had passed the fitness. I have signed up for a running group. Had never ran before until I started training for my fitness. Running group starts on 19th Jan so hopefully by the time October comes around again I will be able to run marathons. Here's hoping they are recruiting then as its all I've been thinking about
  3. Strathclyde Police chat thread

    I've worked in Motherwell and Hamilton and they both had gyms, although was quite a while ago
  4. fitness

    well done on passing your fitness. We never got told our times, they said its not normal policy. I would have like to have known for the next time. A year is a long time to wait!
  5. fitness

    I found it quite windy from the corner after the bike shed to the finish line, and blinkin freezing too!
  6. fitness

    my SETS and fitness were about 2 weeks apart
  7. Sets

    I sat mine about a month ago
  8. fitness

    just be prepared for the wind! I found that a big factor on the day
  9. Initial fitness on Friday

    I failed my fitness, deep down I knew I would as I'm new to running and although I do a lot of gym classes I use an inhaler every now again. Have to work on my breathing and my stamina, got a year now to do it! They were giving dates out for the initials after the fitness for not next week but the week after
  10. Initial fitness on Friday

  11. Initial fitness on Friday

    I'm going back out tomorrow night and that will be me, just wish I had more time to train
  12. Initial fitness on Friday

    17 minutes, I have 15 mins to run
  13. Initial fitness on Friday

    I have been out running since I got the phone call saying I was going through to the next stage. I'm not a runner, never have been and I'm finding running a mile and a half so difficult. I really want to do well on Friday but its beginning to really worry me
  14. SETS 25th September

  15. SETS 25th September

    got my letter this morning, got fitness next Friday