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  1. PC Recruitment?

    I got in at Lancs as an internal in Jan this year. Our chief con spoke to us all and said we nearly got pulled due to budget cuts and we would be the last intake until probably 2015!!
  2. putting the cuffs on whilst you carry out the search is an option as long as it can be justified, Of course this may make the situation worse depending on the person!!
  3. Advice for a new starter

    Hi Amy. I'm starting training with Lancs police on Jan 7th from a background of 5 years as a PCSO. I've bought a book called "Blackstones handbook for policing students 2013" and so far its proved quite enlightening. I have not had to study/revise properly for about 20 years so thought this might give me an advantage or at least bring me up to a level footing with all the younger lot that will no doubt be training too... Good luck and may the force be with you....
  4. lancs final interview!

    Sorry fastboots but i imagine it will be around another 12 months. they did 50 last year and 50 now. (just before last years ac results expire....
  5. lancs final interview!

    sorry for the delay, i passed the medical despite being diabetic and failing last year due to this (nothing much changed so cant see why i got through this time??) Vetting took ages but i have finally had word that that has come back ok and have a start date for training on jan 7th 2013!!! offer letter came in the post a few days ago which included a bit to sign as my resignation from the role of pcso.. People keep saying "you must be dead excited etc" which to be honest i wish i was.... I love my job as a pcso, the pay is good, shifts are ok and the work isnt difficult or boring. Its just the uncertainty of the role and funding for it etc.. 2 years ago in lancashire we were put on 90 days notice for redundancy if the council funding didnt come through. we endured weeks of not knowing if we would have a job to pay the mortgage etc-wouldnt want my worst enemy to have to live with that hanging over them as i did!! Anyone already in the police family knows the job is not what it was and is flawed in countless ways (and will probably get worse before it gets any better) but at least i already know this and wont be suprised by it (going in with eyes open someone put it!!) Anyway-i intend to enjoy what will probably be my last xmas with wife and kids before the new year sees me on a 24hr shift pattern and the workload increases tenfold.. Not sure if anyone on here are still waiting for anything recruitment wise, if so, good luck and all the best for xmas!!!
  6. lancs final interview!

    had my interview today which i think went pretty well. find out tuesday though but i was pleased with how i put myself accross after it was over.....
  7. lancs final interview!

    Lancs are rumoured to be doing another recruitment sometime in 2013 by which time the current ac scores will expire as we were told last oct/nov that they were valid for 12 months... in theory that would mean another ac?!?!
  8. lancs final interview!

    So, how did you get on?!?
  9. lancs final interview!

    Liverpool8. If you read this in time, a collegue told me they were asked to talk about their strengths and weaknesses and asked how they felt about the prospect of 24hr shift work.....
  10. lancs final interview!

    Hi Liverpool8. I currently work in northern div as a pcso and the email i got from recruitment advised to "fully prepare" for those topics listed.. My interview was wed 3rd but has now been moved to fri 5th at headquarters.. It isnt clear how many positions they are filling this time round, i got the impression that rather than spend thousands again doing the assessment centre they are getting recruitment started before last years results expire!? I had a final interview last year as i missed out on the top 50 from the assessment centre but made the "reserve" list of 10 in case any of the 50 dropped out (which they didnt). last years interview was quite a friendly affair with a div commander and someone from HR, hope this one will be the same but you never can tell. I remember being asked about what i thought was the biggest challange facing lancs police and also to describe an instance when i had to demonstrate the ability to plan/organise (which was straight forward enough as every working day is about briefing and then planning visits, call-backs, re-assurance visits etc along with other meetings with partner agencies etc....They also placed a lot of emphasis and questions about teamworking last year which i covered in detail from a role i have on a local pubwatch comittee. Are you internally based then as i didnt think this was an external recruitment?? fingers crossed for the interviews, i know of 3 other pcso's in northern division with interviews in blackpool as well as headquarters on different days.....
  11. just got word through that i am going for a final interview with a divisional commander for role of pc within lancs next week. I am currently a pcso and this is a quick internal recruitment before last years assessment centre results expire... I have been told to brush up on: *commitment to lancs police and the role of a constable (easy) *Respect for race and diversity (had some travellers in my area recently so should be able to talk about this) *Planning and organising (thought i could talk about daily briefing and planning jobs/visits etc which is a daily occurance?) *Teamworking (involved with local pubwatch so this should cover that?) *Effective communication (sounds easy but not concrete on this one yet!) *Resilience (got this one sorted!) Any advice would be welcome...