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  1. February starts

    See you all tomorrow.early nights all round
  2. February starts

    Cheers for that book tip john,just ordered it off amazon. I've given the bulling a go,look pretty good but could definitely be better.there's plenty of vids on YouTube showing how its done. Can't wait for Wednesday,although definitely a touch apprehensive at the same time.We're all in the same boat and I'm sure we'll all be fine though. Good luck tomorrow pinkcoop
  3. February starts

    Got the Same phone call regarding reference nhughes89.old work claiming they never received another reference Request.been sent over now via email,so hopefully that's everything.hopefully.
  4. February starts

    My email came through just after 3pm so yours could still arrive in the next wee while,if not probably tomorrow. im sure you won't have long to wait
  5. February starts

    I've got Q Div,south chuffed with that to be honest.handy to get to for me. Got an email through,hard copy on the way.
  6. February starts

    Yeah thats pretty much what i meant.I've a 4 year old daughter and wondered if it would be too much for her.she's dying to see me in uniform though,and after speaking to the folk at jackton ,it should be fine for her to attend !!!
  7. February starts

    They gave me the form for the mini bus thing at the medical.said I had to send it off to get provisional entitlement I it back last week with d1 on the paper licence but not on the photo licence. Hopefully that's all that needs done with that. Got my oath letter yesterday. Anyone know what the format of this will be ?
  8. February starts

    Finished work yesterday !!! Can't wait to start now. I got a pair of Bates boots out the shop at Jackton,really comfy.cost about £50.picked up other wee bits and bobs up there 2.
  9. February starts

    I booked mine when I got home yesterday for next Wednesday so a weeks wait.should be plenty time
  10. February starts

    Hi folks.Im also pencilled in for feb 20th start, with final fitness on the 16th of jan.Looking forward to meeting you all then if i havent already met you at medical or initial fitness. Thats providing my previous employers get there finger out and send back my reference !!