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  1. Few Questions about Tulliallan

    Brilliant cheers for that.
  2. Hi folks, not got an appointment date yet but passed pre-employment fitness so need to start thinking about Tulliallan. 1. Outwith the lecture times, fitness,etc on weekdays are you allowed to leave the grounds i.e. in the evenings for shopping/food etc? 2. Is there parking available? Is it possible to go back and forth to your car to get stuff? 3. Are you allowed to stay in the Tulliallan accommodation during the weekends? 4. What times are the gym facilities open? All evening on weekdays/weekends? 5. How much does the accommodation and canteen food cost roughly? I know these seem like daft questions but from what I've read on Tulliallan on the forums I really don't know what to expect!!
  3. Push pull test

    The best way to train for push/pull is things to increase explosive power - in a sense its not strength but a power test. If you have access to resistance bands I highly recommend using them with bench press (look up youtube for videos) the idea being that your speed will increase throughout the rep and thereby increase how you apply power. Otherwise I would recommend doing sets of 5 rep bench press as heavy you can get performing reps as fast as you can, also include pauses off the chest to develop the explosive power required. Same idea for the pull - if you have access to a seated row machine at your gym this is ideal, perform 5 reps with a pause at the bottom of the rep and try to perform it as fast as you can (i.e. pull it towards you as fast as you can). The standard rowing machine is also really useful for will give you the best idea of what the actual machine will feel like. Best of luck.
  4. Final Panel Interview

    Thanks for the input folks will take it on board.
  5. Final Panel Interview

    Hi there, well done on passing your final interview and all the best for the future. I recently found out I passed the assessment centre stage and wondered if anyone has advice for preparing for the final panel interview. I know to prepare for competency based questions and also to know L&B inside out. Do I also need to prepare for scenario type questions i.e. 'How would you respond to x,y,z situation?'. Thanks for any input.