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  1. Police Scotland - 2nd March 2015 Intake

    Good luck to all of you starting on the 2nd, just remember and enjoy it, it can be stressful at the time and feel a bit regimented but the weeks fly in. Keep up your fitness as within the first week will be a bleep test and 1.5 mile run and some of the PE sessions can be fairly gruelling. The days in the classroom can be long so it's a welcome break for officer safety and role plays etc. make an effort to go for couple drinks on the Thursday nights to gets you away from the books for a bit. Most the tutors will tell you there are no past papers for practice but they are about just speak to the other courses and they can maybe help source you some. Enjoy bulling your boots
  2. police scotland april 2014 start

    Good luck guys the process is long but it's all worth it in the end I passed out from college end of jan and have been at local devisions training an past week out at my station in Edinburgh it's been a long journey I was around 18 months from application to college to. Being out an about in response team is brilliant I've enjoyed it so far an defo think all the efforts been worth it
  3. Hi , Pink , I'm also starting 28th. Defo thinking the same travel the Sunday night first week so it's not as much of a rush on the Monday morning about were to go etc. I'm working in old job right up untill fri then tulli on the sun night so no time off in between unfortunately.
  4. Hi , former lothian borders here got my contract through on Thursday to. Think there is only 4 from l&b on the October 28th intake. Seemingly there is recruitment each month now but spread across all the pools. Contract is quite standard letter but think mine has a typo. Says I will be posted in my legacy force are. But then next paragraph says as part of police scotland you may be required to serve anywhere under the force. I'm gonna try sort out practice of the bleep test never done one before. Got ok times for my 1.5 mile run both times 10:14 . 10:42. (Was just back from a 2 week holiday)ha
  5. Failed Vetting

    You should defo appeal mate. I did an my rejection at vetting was overturned and I went on to pass final panel and now just waiting a start date.
  6. Tulliallen

    Hi guys , currently sitting in the recruitment pool awaiting date for final fitness and intake at Tulliallen. Just wondered if anyone has recently been through Tulliallen or has any info from there time there. Any information really heard few things about Forrest runs and drill sessions oh an food being terrible :-/
  7. Hey , I was same buddy hadn't really done much math wise since leaving school. I googled math tutor in edinburgh and came across a women named Jackie she was amazing she actually tutors people for the set tests she has loads of practice papers and is amazing at giving your wee formulas to work out the sums.
  8. Police Scotland July intake

    Defo appeal , I did and had a home visit from vetting team. Following over an hour intense questioning couple weeks later application re-instated and now passed all stages. Had uniform fitting yesterday. Sadly no letter about a September start so think I must be in the second intake
  9. Final Fitness 7th Jan

    Hi won't let me comment on the thread for some reason. Thats Brilliant news well done must be brilliant feeling , what a shame for one that failed hopefully she will get another go soonish to still make her intake ? Fail on the run ? I'm still waiting for a date for final pannel , just focussing on fitness in the mean time was back at my running club this week and concentrating on gym work. Once again well done an hopefully you can keep us updated on your progress etc.
  10. Final Fitness 7th Jan

    How did it go today ? Big turn out everyone do well? How did it go today ? Big turn out everyone do well?
  11. Hi , I done the same looked at the past papers off websites etc. although having not done long decision an stuff since high school decided to go to a tutor. Found this great lady in edinburgh who actually tutors all papers for set test she was brilliant and left me feeling very confident going in to set test an I passed first time. Her email is.
  12. January 8th starts

    Thanks guys . Did you get asked much about force priorities ? And how current crime is tackled ?
  13. January 8th starts

    4 months .... Jeez o the waits already niggling at me hope to hear so just to have a date in mind to work towards. Well done to you guys no better feeling I bet to start in the new year all ready To go. Any advice for final pannel ?
  14. January 8th starts

    I passed assessment centre 22 Nov , just waiting for the date for final pannel now whilst maintaining fitness etc
  15. January 8th starts

    Bit off the subject guys but just wondered, how long you waited between passing assessment centre to getting a date for final pannel ?