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  1. BTP 2013 intake

    Congrats mate
  2. BTP 2013 intake

    Looks like its march intake for me, unless someone drops out the January slot. Got an email today. Not sure if it's a formal offer though. Anyone else heard?
  3. BTP 2013 intake

    Still nothing for me yet. I did email them but no reply. The wait continues. Still nothing for me yet. I did email them but no reply. The wait continues.
  4. BTP 2013 intake

    Hey guys. I've done my medical and uniform fitting just waiting for the allusive formal offer. I hope it comes tomorrow. I am also waiting for all to go wrong. Fingers crossd.
  5. BTP 2013 intake

    They phoned me and set up a date.
  6. BTP 2013 intake

    I'm a external. Got my medical next week and my references are all sent off. Then just vetting. I hope it goes threw.
  7. BTP 2013 intake

    Hello bigGus678 I'm going threw vetting ATM. How are you getting along. Do you know what intake you are in yet?
  8. BTP 2013 intake

    It's A 10 min presentation and then a 50 min competency based interview. There is also a fitness test, numeracy test, verbal reasoning test and a critical thinking test. It's a tough day.
  9. BTP 2013 intake

    Congrats. I got an email last week saying they were now offering me a conditional offer. Still waiting for it to all go wrong
  10. BTP 2013 intake

    I got my application in 5 minutes before the deadline in October.
  11. BTP 2013 intake

    I rang and spoke to hr. they were optimistic that there will be vacancies throughout the year for the 'talent pool' (hate that phrase)
  12. BTP 2013 intake

    Hey. I applied. I'm an external candidate and had my assessment centre at the weekend. I found out I passed on Tuesday. However, as there was a high amount of passes they have only taken in those with the top marks. They said there are intakes throughout next year and they will pick from this 'talent pool' first' Waiting game continues