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  1. Failed Medical Strathclyde Police

    Scottiedog thanks that is very encouraging. My gp received a letter from OH on tue and wrote a report and sent straight away. Iv been on the phone to Jackton and they said I should receive a phonecall once they have made a decision. Hopefully they won't take too long!
  2. Failed Medical Strathclyde Police

    Thanks. My doctor won't write until they contact him as he wants to remain preofessional and give them all the info thy need. So frustrating!
  3. Hey everyone, Got an offer of employment and supposed to start at tulliallan on 9th of jan, but my offer has now been withdrawn as I failed my medical. I suffered from a mental illness and had a stay in hospital this summer so they want a background report from my gp. I passed the medical with flying colours, my weight is fine and my gp says that I am both mentally and physically reay to join. Infact her says he thinks its exacty what I need. I'm not on anti-depressants or anything, I just got in a bad routine with exercise and eating and voluntarily put myself in hospital to sort it. Anyone have any ideas about whether this will preclude me from being accepted? I have worked so hard and want this more than anything. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Final interview help?!

    It's on Tuesday! Looking over stuff now. Pretty nervous. When do u start?
  5. Final interview help?!

    Got final interview on Tuesday. Any help from those of you who have just had one?