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  1. Scottish Police College September 22nd intake

    Just a heads up you aren't allowed in the gym til you've had your induction which is normally on the Friday.
  2. Scottish Police College September 8th intake

    That's fine. Mine were that length. They just don't want hot pants or skater shorts
  3. Scottish Police College September 8th intake

    Ex strathclyde like you have to get this done so if they want you to go for your d1 you are ready for it. I can't remember when I needed my licence at the college. Do you have a passport? It's one of those things if they have put you through the medical and you sent it off on their request they can't be mad if it's not back. I had the issue that mine was due for renewal but it came back within a few days so I had it. Can't remember but I think I needed it for getting my warrant card. But passport may do. I was a year ago though, check with someone newer
  4. Scottish Police College September 8th intake

    Its usually arrive between 5 and 7 ish. Casual clothes. Someone will be there then to show you to your room. Then bresk5fast at 8am in the morning for a half 8 on parade square. Apart from that theres nothing to it
  5. Police Scotland Recruitment

    Where as this? Don't think they do this at jackton
  6. Police Scotland Recruitment

    You can't wear a watch at all. I've a fitness coming up for my probation and I'm just as worried. No help I know. But I hate the fitness with a passion
  7. Commonwealth Games Claims

    They were meant to be probationares who were still at the college so maybe someone who is still there could shed light. But I think it was all just rumours. I worked with a few hundred different folk over the two weeks as did everyone else and I never came across anyone who had actually been there or heard it first hand. That is the soiling matter.
  8. I know someone had a meeting after vetting through up that they had family that was trouble but they had never met them. so it was to give them coping mechanisms and to tell them where they were not police incase they came across them. Could be something similar wasn't the met though
  9. You only find out the week before you start
  10. Police Scotland - CWG Shifts

    It's ok. Just play their game and remember it's only 12 weeks. Make sure you do give yourself a break and time to gave fun. Go to the pub on a Thursday. But put the work in and it will pay off
  11. Police Scotland - CWG Shifts

    I passed out in January, sorry.
  12. Police Scotland - CWG Shifts

    I'm actually raging I've not got enough haha. I need the overtime and I seem to have less than most on my shift, I've not had any recalls or held on to a rest day where most people have, and I've been tbc a few times then told not needed and to do a normal shift. Was also told I was working the village one day and got excited as I've mainly been boh and bored and then got changed when I arrived at staging post to boh elsewhere. But ah well. It's still been ok. Except all the getting up at 2 am to start work. But hey we'll see if any gets paid the overtime. Having piles of the sheets sitting in the boot of a car at a school doesn't build me with confidence.
  13. Police Scotland June intake

    Bleep test. Just gave this info to someone else so thought I'd share it You can go down the to gym hall where they do the test on the first couple of nights. Ie if you find out the test is on thur go on mon or tue I wouldn't go on the night before. And ask the pool attentant to start the bleep test and they can play it over and over so you can have a shot, it's good to have a practice in the hall even if you've done them before. It's the orange dotted line to the orange dotted line. Get a group of you down. Just look on the board for when the hall is free that night.
  14. Police Scotland June intake

    Its quilts. They were comfy enough o slept really well there. I lived in crap halls for a year were the bed was smaller that tulli and rooms were worse. You strip your bed on certain days they wash it for you. There are laundry rooms but I never used them just took my stuff home each week.
  15. Any Vegans been to Tulliallan?

    I'm sure they do cater for you if you have dietary needs. It's worth a question to Jackson to check but don't stress about it yet.