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  1. They were meant to be probationares who were still at the college so maybe someone who is still there could shed light. But I think it was all just rumours. I worked with a few hundred different folk over the two weeks as did everyone else and I never came across anyone who had actually been there or heard it first hand. That is the soiling matter.
  2. It's ok. Just play their game and remember it's only 12 weeks. Make sure you do give yourself a break and time to gave fun. Go to the pub on a Thursday. But put the work in and it will pay off
  3. I passed out in January, sorry.
  4. I'm actually raging I've not got enough haha. I need the overtime and I seem to have less than most on my shift, I've not had any recalls or held on to a rest day where most people have, and I've been tbc a few times then told not needed and to do a normal shift. Was also told I was working the village one day and got excited as I've mainly been boh and bored and then got changed when I arrived at staging post to boh elsewhere. But ah well. It's still been ok. Except all the getting up at 2 am to start work. But hey we'll see if any gets paid the overtime. Having piles of the sheets sitting in the boot of a car at a school doesn't build me with confidence.
  5. "THREE police cadets are facing prosecution after they crept into a fellow cadet’s room and posed for obscene photos as she slept. Two men and a woman, who is believed to have taken the images, sneaked into the bedroom at the police training college at Tulliallan in Fife and set up pictures of a sexual nature with their sleeping colleague. It’s thought the alarm was raised when the victim woke up and senior staff apprehended the group. The trio, who can’t be named for legal reasons, were suspended and have since been reported to the Procurator Fiscal. News of the incident, which happened last Wednesday, sent shockwaves around the college yesterday. A source said: “They crept into her room while she was sleeping and took pictures of themselves carrying out sexual acts. “Nobody is sure of the exact circumstances but it’s understood she woke up and caught them and alerted bosses. Their phones were examined and the pictures were found. “There was also a female cadet involved who is believed to have taken the photographs on a mobile phone. “They were charged and detained and have been expelled from the college. “The victim is a fellow police cadet and is understandably shocked by the whole matter.” A Police Scotland spokesman said last night: “Following an incident at the Scottish Police College, two men and a woman have been reported to the Procurator Fiscal.” All police training in Scotland has been carried out at Tulliallan since 1950"
  6. Is this with the pass still being 5.4?
  7. They fully expect you to have approached local police as you are quizzed on it in the interview. I went twice for my initial and once for my final and always found them more than happy to help. They expect you to know up to date things so if you went and spoke to someone now you would need to go back anyway. You find lots of info on here but mainly from legacy forces but general idea on what to study is the same. Unsure about asking on the street. Can always pop in to local station and explain you have applies and want to talk to a probationer. They will be expecting you. But remember none of them will havw gone through police scotland process.
  8. then our bleep test is well above the 5.4 the make you walk in england. so ignore what they have said.also think the push pull has been scrapped as it wasnt done in strathclyde. but unsure. Its down to the fact police scotland is now a big strathclyde as some say. thats why its moved towards 1.5mile run as thats what you always do at strathclyde were as most of the other legacy forces did bleep test. best to prepare for both. as this is the first drive for police scotland not sure what they will go for but id imagine it will now be uniform across the force rather than letting local areas do bleep test and some do 1.5mile. best to train for 1.5 mile and do a couple of bleeps just in case. check out website for levels you need but im sure guys under 30 are 9. something and females are 7.3. 12 min for 1.5 or 14 for females.
  9. Hair needs be in a bun at all times. Even in a bun net if I rememebr my letter correctly. So question is can you get your hair in a bun and all off your face etc.
  10. Think you need to understand or at least watch a whole limmy show to get his sense of humour. Watching this on its own makes no sense. im not saying this is hilarious or in good taste but that limmy does have a unique take on things that when watched sll together can be funny.
  11. Last july I applied and had set in oct. But im now still waiting a start date s year on. With this being the first recruitment drive of police Scotland and them still working to clear the backlog from legacy forces your guess is as good as mine.
  12. sure? look at the bbc video and the female officer in the background filming. then watch the youtube link on here. would that not be her angle?
  13. yeah the strathclyde folk got bumped off the 2nd sept date so they rushed through an aug date for some lucky few.
  14. think its just you guys! as far as im aware no one from strathclyde is starting then as our fitness would need to be wed at the latest and strathclyde are saying still no start date for us. and ive not seen anyone on L&B or anywhere else on here mentioning starting soon. but just the 11 of you guys sounds weird