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  1. Next Intake

    Just re- read this. Strange now we all know each other!! Duty Student!!! X
  2. Parking

    Hi I spoke to recruitment today and there is going to be an officer riding on the mini bus-so not a specific time. If going from Artington park/ride, 1st bus leaves at 7.30. Am assured that gives enough time to get to HQ by 8!!!
  3. Parking

    Hvc I'm waiting for someone to get back to me about this. The 1st park/ride bus doesn't leave until 7.30 which doesn't give much time to get to George Abbott and back to HQ for 8am. Assuming Donks that its not permitted to park at Artington and walk up hill to HQ?
  4. Parking

    If you Google Guildford Borough Council website there is a section on park and ride, the locations and costs. You pay for the ride, not the park.
  5. Parking

    Hi again Just relooked - from Artington those fares are 2.20 return! Must check at HQ as I'm sure I read police get free bus travel??
  6. Parking

    Hey Depending on which park/ride you use, is about £1.20 return daily. Or you can get weekly/monthly passes from driver/bus station. Where are you coming from?
  7. Parking

    Sophie sent out an email about parking - basically there is none at HQ! So have to use park and rides and mini bus from George Abbott! Bit of a pain as I live 15 mins from HQ!
  8. Next Intake

    I got it! I don't finish working until 28th Feb and don't get home til 7-8pm, plus just moved house this weekend, so my revision is going slowly. I think I'm going to focus on the list sent then see how much time I have left on my 10 days of cramming before we start! How many others are still working?
  9. Next Intake

    Yup! Just ordered new printer cartridges!! Lol!
  10. Next Intake

    Just thought I'd say 'hi' and see you folks on the 11th at HQ!!!!!