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  1. Norfolk Application

    Still nothing, im going to give them a call today aswell and see whats happening.
  2. Norfolk Application

    I know, its frustrating waiting around for an answer, im not sure, I thought everyone got the registration form? Might be worth calling im sure they wont hold it against you!
  3. Norfolk Application

    Yeah it was in the post, just a registration form had to fill in basic details name, religion etc and a letter to say they have received the application and its now being processed so still no outcome just yet!
  4. Norfolk Application

    I have now received the registration form and acknowledgement of the application, have sent that off so shouldn't be long now!
  5. Norfolk Application

    No still nothing! Need some admin staff aswell by the sounds of it!
  6. Norfolk Application

    I'm still waiting on a reply aswell was told there was a delay because of the amount of interest but to hang in there and they will let everyone know, fingers crossed!