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  1. Vetting

    When i went the visit a probationary officer at division for my final interview they let me chat to an officer who was from Poland. He told me that it took him around 6 months, I think, because the Police wanted to check into all his background in Poland, so i would image they will apply the same process to you. That is just what he said and obviously everyone is different but hopefully you will hear something soon!!
  2. Tulliallan Weekends

    haha aww nice one gandy where about you from? I think i might just try and stay at tulliallan for the first few weekends if possible see what other people are in this situation? If people were keen to get a place together then that could be an idea if not then just try to get somewhere sorted at the weekends to move into ASAP!
  3. January the 9th intake

    hey guys, due to start in Jan too, just rang up about my uniform fitting which is to be on the same day as the final fitness (as im coming over from Northern Ireland), has anyone any ideas on how long we will be in for the fitness and drugs assessment?
  4. Tulliallan Weekends

    Yea, i was wondering about this too, im coming over from Northern Ireland for the Jan intake with Strathclyde and wasn't sure whether to get a place sorted before i come over or if it was possible to stay at Tulliallan for the 10 weeks and get a place sorted for when we head to division?
  5. Tulliallan January 2013 intake

    Yea magnums seems like a good shout although there are soo many choices of magnum as well suppose it depends how much money your willing to spend !
  6. Tulliallan January 2013 intake

    Yea i should be starting in January too with Strathclyde pending the results of the fitness and drugs, starting to get excited now! Anyone got any suggestions on boots to buy I have looked at a few but haven't decided on anything yet?