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  1. Derbyshire Info Sessions

    I was on the same assessment, pink room? Well done on your January intake! I only got to the reserve list but you never know?!
  2. Derbyshire Info Sessions

    Turns out I scored 60% which puts me on the reserve list..
  3. Derbyshire Info Sessions

    me neither :/
  4. Derbyshire Info Sessions

    Well done!! I've not heard yet! :/
  5. Derbyshire Info Sessions

    Well its PM now? haha supose we will all know within 12 hours!!
  6. Derbyshire Info Sessions

    I guess the fact that none of us have news is good, "no news is good news" as they say... I just havn't stopped thinking about it haha Good luck everyone....
  7. Derbyshire Info Sessions

    I keep thinking i'm past that stage too... then every so often it creeps up on me again! On the plus side I've tried my hand at some new hobbies and worked lots of hours to "take my mind off it" haha
  8. Derbyshire Info Sessions

    Oh no! Thats not 3 weeks :/ ah least I know when to expect them I guess.
  9. Derbyshire Info Sessions

    Yeah, I think there were a few syndicates, mine was all Derbyshire, but he did say there were some from Nottingham at the same time.
  10. Derbyshire Info Sessions

    Hi everyone! I'm glad im not the only one going slowly insane waiting! From what I remember from A/C, it would take 2 weeks from the 5/10 for them to get our scores and send them to the relevant forces, guess that means Derbyshire now have them and are collating them with the internal candidates. I think it says on the main derbyshire recruitment site that we would hear within 3 weeks of attending assessment centre, so that will be sometime this week I should think... or hope haha!