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  1. Stella and whisky and coke, any kind of whisky really long if its cheap. I'm a Jock, and putting anything in real Whisky (water,ice is ok) is still a hangable offence :) Crisps is the snack of choice
  2. Hello mate, another former squaddie here :)
  3. I got blasted with CS spray a few times when I was a squaddie, and in my experience, time and toughening up is the only cure :)
  4. agreed. What we are witnessing here is 'anonymous' using their one, and only weapon
  5. cheers for the welcomes Grampian Police is my Force
  6. Hello mate, i'm not in yet but i've applied :)
  7. Hi all Just registered as i've just completed my Police application about 10 minutes ago :) I'm an ex-squaddie, bored to death with my civvie job and hope that the Police accepts me anyway, til I get the yah or nay i'll be sticking around. And probably asking some really dumb new-guy questions hahah later Rocks