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  1. you sign nothing now or maybe I don't have to cause i'm in the Reserve Forces now.
  2. Hi all Is there any serving/former service Officers on here that has experience in the recruitment side of the service? I have had an email asking for further information regarding my application. And don't know how to proceed. Thanks
  3. Grampian Police Recruitment

    A month and a day has passed, heard nothing so far. I'm not too worried as waiting seems to be the game. I'm guessing it will be after Xmas before I hear anything
  4. A real important topic: BEER

    Stella and whisky and coke, any kind of whisky really long if its cheap. I'm a Jock, and putting anything in real Whisky (water,ice is ok) is still a hangable offence :) Crisps is the snack of choice
  5. Specials question

    In my Local Force you have to have at least a year of active service as a Special and a recommendation to try for the regs. Maybe your Force is the same, so you should look into that first before you make a decision.
  6. Grampian Police Recruitment

    Just dropped in my app a week ago. How long did It take for you to get an initial response?
  7. Grampian Police Recruitment

    cheers Rox! As much as i'd love to think I could get on that one I reckon its a bit early for me
  8. Hello

    Hello mate, another former squaddie here :)
  9. Grampian Police Recruitment

    SPC? That is special police constable right?
  10. Should officers be armed with Tasers?

    How effective is Taser exactly. I ask because I took one (as a laugh) and I managed to stay standing, and move forward. So if you have a determined man, wanting to hurt an Officer, could it stop him? Admittedly, the Taser was a civvi equivilant.
  11. Expandable/Rigid Batons.

    I got blasted with CS spray a few times when I was a squaddie, and in my experience, time and toughening up is the only cure :)
  12. Grampian Police Recruitment

    Just phoned up the recruitment team, other than the absolute fear I got when they couldn't find it for a minute i'm now in the system time to brew up and wait out :)
  13. Anonymous message. Anyone else get it?

    agreed. What we are witnessing here is 'anonymous' using their one, and only weapon