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  1. Newbie From Scotland

    Hi gadgets, hopefully won't be too long for you! Might even see you at tulliallan before too long!
  2. Hi Everyone!

    I passed, so chuffed! It was the bleep test, would've been happier doing the mile and a half, but I got through it so can't complain! Good luck to you
  3. Good luck tomorrow, had my interview with tayside Friday past, was relaxed and really based on the competencies, and what I had to offer, hope that helps!
  4. Hi Everyone!

    Just had my final interview for tayside on Friday there and the info on here really helped me prepare, good luck
  5. Fifer

    Well done on getting through today, you'll be glad it's all over! I'm willing 5pm on Friday to hurry up! How long was the interview, and how long after until they gave you their decision? I'm getting nervous now :o/ did they give you and idea of timescales for medical / start dates at all?? Well done again.
  6. Fifer

    Good luck for tomorrow, hope it goes well... Let us know how you get on :o)
  7. Fifer

    Hi, I'm applying to Tayside too, interview on Friday! Argh!! When's yours?
  8. Hello!

    Thank you! So far I'm very impressed with all the help and info available on here.
  9. Hello!

    Just a wee hello from me, currently going through the recruitment process for Tayside, with my senior officer interview next Friday... ARGH! Wish me luck :o)