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  1. Assessment centre central Scotland police

    katie, Much the same as you, very unsure of timescale as they currently have thier quota. Basically told me not to expect to hear from them soon, and that as time goes by, a pre-PSoS intake becomes less likely. I was really hoping to get in under CSP, just because at least we would kind of know where we stand. Although, perhaps they will have an influx of retirements pre-PSoS and pre-pension reform. That would work in our favour. But I guess March/April isn't far away! I really want to know I've got past vetting though... I'm not letting myself get too excited about getting in until I know for sure! Neil
  2. Assessment centre central Scotland police

    I'll be seeing you at Tulliallen (subject to vetting and medical! ;-) )
  3. Assessment centre central Scotland police

    Well done! I have mine on the 21st for CSP. I'm assuming examples relevant to the core competencies are what they are after, rather than being able to trot out word-for-word definitions?! I know you can't give away too much about the interview process though! I'm concerned about vetting too for much the same reason as you but its the one thing we can't do anything about! Well done again.