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  1. Dumfries and Galloway...

    Be yourself, practice public speaking and be confident in yourself. Have self belief and do some research on the Force. Know your own strengths and weaknesses and be a good team player! Go in there and smash it!!!
  2. Getting Ready For Tulliallan

    How are you finding the instructors on the course?
  3. Hello

    Hello, if at first you don't succeed.....
  4. Dumfries and Galloway...

    I would second that! Dress smart to impress!
  5. I've done it...

    Welcome and good luck!!
  6. Hi Everyone :)

    Well done Jules!
  7. Young recruit - Police Scotland

    Good on you George! I am also going north of the border to apply for the police! It seems that Scotland is a good place to police and it is worth following your dream!
  8. I have mine for Dumfries in a couple of weeks - nervous! :sweatingbullets:
  9. Dumfries and Galloway...

    Hi everybody, hows things? I have received the date for my senior officer interview, couple of weeks time! Feeling the nerves now!
  10. Dumfries and Galloway...

    Bet you can't wait to start your training now!
  11. Dumfries and Galloway...

    Cheers my friend, excellent advice! I can't wait to be honest, last major hurdle!!!
  12. BBC hates police

    BBC = Shocking.
  13. Last night shift before Christmas Leave!

  14. Dumfries and Galloway...

    How did you find the senior officer interview mate? Any tips for the nerves?? No cheating of course!
  15. Speeding fines

    Fingers crossed! When I rang they mentioned that it hadn't shown on initial vetting - yet they also said a full vet gets done right at the end! They didn't seem too concerned though... Only time will tell! Cheers for the advice!