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    Watching non league football, reading, spending time with my family :)
  1. How are you finding the instructors on the course?
  2. Hello, if at first you don't succeed.....
  3. Welcome and good luck!!
  4. Well done Jules!
  5. BBC = Shocking.
  6. Depends what you want boot wise. I have a pair of lowa boots being serving military, but you can't really go wrong with magnums....
  7. Farce.
  8. I quite enjoy reading about the Crusades and that period in time. If that interests you, there's a cracking trilogy about the Knight Templar's written by Robyn Young. Her books are called Brethren, Crusade and Requiem. Excellent books!
  9. I would suggest not, it would be unwise to "s*** on your own doorstep" as they say.....
  10. Well done you, you sound like you would be an asset!
  11. It's a cracking number for anybody who has a young family. Gets a bit repetitive, however, the 4 days on 4 days off shifts are great - I see loads of my wife and kids when did you serve with that mob then?
  12. I have a hamster called Rosie
  13. Hi Jody, good luck in your quest!
  14. I would rather not answer that question my current role is in the Military Provost Guard Service so nowadays I have to be a good boy, in the job description lol
  15. Cheers guys, seems a friendly bunch here! :biggrin: the dreaded monkeys eh Bart... lol I never had any dramas with that gang.....