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    Watching non league football, reading, spending time with my family :)
  1. How are you finding the instructors on the course?
  2. Hello, if at first you don't succeed.....
  3. Welcome and good luck!!
  4. Well done Jules!
  5. BBC = Shocking.
  6. Last night shift before Christmas Leave!

  7. passed assessment day - now fro senior officer interview!!!

  8. Depends what you want boot wise. I have a pair of lowa boots being serving military, but you can't really go wrong with magnums....
  9. hi, how did you get on last tuesday??? Chris

  10. The sad thing is, if you watch some of their football, it can be terrific! The team doesn't seem to have any backbone though, just not tough enough......
  11. Farce.
  12. I quite enjoy reading about the Crusades and that period in time. If that interests you, there's a cracking trilogy about the Knight Templar's written by Robyn Young. Her books are called Brethren, Crusade and Requiem. Excellent books!
  13. I would suggest not, it would be unwise to "s*** on your own doorstep" as they say.....
  14. waiting for my results from my SET!

  15. Well done you, you sound like you would be an asset!