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  1. Final interview help?!

    By your casual assumptions and sarcastic tone it sounds like you'd make a great police officer! As if I either need or want your jumped up opinion. Coming on to respond to someone that can't reapply for a year with some sort of air of superiority and rude manner doesn't reflect on you too well.
  2. Final interview help?!

    Best advice I think could give is when they ask you a question just answer it short and concise and if they ask you to explain your answer, do that then. I gave my answers and then my reason for it and they said I was waffling on. I couldn't really get a conversation going with them so I think its just your luck of who you get and what mood they are in. Just try and represent yourself as honestly as you can. I don't think I'll join the specials. That's my 2nd rejection and when I see some of the officers on the streets that couldn't rip the skin off milk, I wonder if I'll ever be the kind of person they won't. Despite a chief superintendent I know telling me he thinks I'm the type if character they don't have enough of. Wish you all the best in your interviews and future careers. Best of luck.
  3. Final interview help?!

    Failed my final today. They feel I don't have enough experience (despite 6 years in the army and 2 tours of Afghanistan) so want me to join the specials and work for free for 2 years. Asked me my local community police targets (not the same as priorities) and 'kick points' (what ever they are), asked how they get the info to decide what the force prioroties will be. Was told I didn't answer some questions in the correct format, so forget its a police interview and just google 'competency based interviews' like you're going for a call centre job.
  4. Fitness test Friday

    How many people are there on the intake?
  5. start dates in 2013

    Thanks, Lauren. I've heard a few places that's the attitude to have and its how I am generally so I'm looking forward to this more than I was the initial interview. Don't think 1 selection box would hurt....
  6. start dates in 2013

    I'm just glad there's a few weeks to get rid of the Christmas weight before final fitness.
  7. start dates in 2013

    That's true! Just need to get this interview wrapped up. Any tips you think would have helped you? I feel prepared for it but I'll take all the help I can get!
  8. start dates in 2013

    Well done, John. Have you been given dates for your medical and fitness? I've got my final a week today and had my fingers crossed for the January intake, if all goes well, but looks like that's not gonna happen.
  9. fitness tests

    I passed my SETs 3 years ago but failed initial but this time I applied didn't have to resit them as it still counted as a pass. Unless they change the format of the test after the force reform I think you pass will still count.
  10. Vetting

    It's a painstaking wait but no news is good news, so they say. Fingers crossed for ye. I'm just glad that good or bad news, I'll know by Christmas!
  11. Vetting

    A week on Tuesday. Can't come quick enough. What stage are you at?
  12. Vetting

    Thanks! Ball is back in my court after vetting so hopefully it'll be good Christmas and a very busy new year! Hope you've not got much longer to wait. Best thing to do is just not think about it or it'll drive you mental!
  13. Vetting

    Heard that I'd passed vetting today. 6 weeks and 2 days since my intitial but as Scottiedog says, its different on a case to case basis.
  14. Fitness Test

    Think you're worrying too much about it. You have to miss the line 3 consecutive lines to fail and if you miss one you just go a bit quicker. The pass level for the police is 9.2 and the last time I done it, most of the males were achieving level 12 at least.
  15. Vetting

    My only reference is from my old battalion and they phoned me a week after initial saying they were sorting it so it should be back already. My other reference is my current employer but I said to wait until I'm offered the job cause he can be a bit funny about stuff like that.