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  1. Changing posting preferences

    FYI, changing posting preference will NOT make your start date any sooner. The intakes are taken as a need in the whole, and not based on individual divisions. If you want to work in Glasgow, stick with that!
  2. Shift pattern question

    In answer to our question, the legacy Strathclyde shift patterns (GKLUQ divisions) are per the post above. Unfortunately you cannot choose when you take leave. Everyone on your shift gets allocated "leave periods" which are three weeks in length and are three times a year. You choose when you want to take your annual leave within these periods. This is to ensure there are always sufficient left in the shift!
  3. Tulliallan - curent students

    In short. No. You would not be permitted to purchase your own equipment such as baton, handcuffs and body armour. You can purchase your own body armour cover (mostly what you will see online for purchase) handcuff and baton holders, radio holders, belts, accessories for your belt, etc etc... However you would not be permitted to use privately purchased batons/handcuffs/armour plates.
  4. vehicles, premises, entry and arrest

    This seems to be an issue with this "PACE" legislation... In Scotland, we do not have PACE and this would never happen. On every occasion the window goes in. Common Law powers, if anyone fails to provide you with details where an offence has been committed, we have power of arrest. In the practical application of this, I would be arresting for police obstruction and taking them to the office. In the case i would be highlighting the circumstances. Realistically, are you really going to let this person just drive off? NO! and i always think it is embarrassing for the police service when you see these kinds of videos on youtube and cops let these people get the better of them. If you have seen them driving, then even although when come to a stop, surely their car cannot be considered premises? In all occasions when you speak to anyone in a car they are technically in a premises? What section of PACE does this come under out of interest? I would have thought then this would have applied to someone you have seen on the street just sitting in their car. for example, you drive along the street and see someone sitting in a stationary car at the side of the road, you get out to speak to them. Their car is considered premises as you have not seen them driving and to all intensive purposes, they could have been sitting there all day just parked outside their house! 'Or else, you see someone driving the car and you stop them... it seems unlikely in this case that their car automatically become a premises under this legislation...
  5. Tulliallan 14th September 2015 Intake

    No. Just appear! There are no staff on, just the receptionist so you are left to your own devices! You will go up and buzz gate then drive to reception following signs. Once you get there you will be given a room key and a map... Then the hunt begins lol! Perhaps a test of your map reading skills?? Haha! Joke!! Once you locate your room you'll find your room mate for the duration and a welcome pack! In the pack it tells you the arrangements for the morning and things. Will tell you what time breakfast is and where to go. it will also tell you on the pack where the class details are. You can go view look at these there and then or wait until the next morning. I would say go on Sunday night and have a look at who's in your class and remember your class and "file number". You will need this for the Monday morning! Usually the instruction is the line up in classes in file order in business dress on the Monday morning and the staff will come and meet you and take it from there...
  6. Tulliallan - curent students

    Ha! No!! When I went to the college I went up for 10 weeks in year one and 3 weeks in year two... Thus the different rooms! Sorry for the confusion! Lol not even entirely sure what way you guys are doing it!!! Shorts should be okay to find... I just wore Nike running shorts from JD. Although I'm a guy... They do female too. They had a wee logo on them, smAll Nike tick and that was fine. I got no hassle. No logos just means nothing overt and in your face etc!! Nike logos on running tops and shorts is acceptable!
  7. September intake for Tulliallan!

    Some useful info here for you all! :)
  8. Tulliallan - curent students

    You get issued a time table on a weekly basis. Time tables are issued on Fridays for the following week. They are pretty intense with solid 0845 - 1715 working days, with the exception of Fridays where its usually about 1500 home-time!
  9. Tulliallan - curent students

    Also, in terms of what to take with you, bedding and pillows etc is not required unless you are particularly fussy! The iron and ironing board is an affirmative and you will also require a ironing towel (or thin tea towel if you don't have an actual ironing towel) for ironing your trousers and things! You require decent stationary like pens, pencils and highlighters. They do supply you with this, but its not very good to say the least! You are also supplied with A4 notepads and can write on all course notes you are issued with. I would take food with you! By this i mean like crisps, breakfast bars, bottles of water etc are a must! The food there is diabolical! Like maybe if i was to rate out of 10 i would give it 0.5 at a push, yes, half of one!!!!! Not very good! lol There is an onsite shop however if you forget anything that will sell toiletries, stationary, food and other bits and pieces so don't worry! Unfortunately there are no fridges or microwaves on site so milk is not really an option however there are kettles in every residential corridor for tea and coffee making! You can hang your milk out the window to keep it cool in the colder months but would not recommend this in your first two weeks as they will not take kindly to you breaking the rules! I cant really think what else... but basically you are restricted in what you can take to the extent that you are sharing a room generally, there is one wardrobe and drawers between two of you and nothing can be left on the floor or outwit these storage areas else you will get into bother! Welcome to the police! haha!
  10. Tulliallan 14th September 2015 Intake

    Sunday night is a definite yes! Absolute no brainer! Could be a very short career if you are late on Monday morning and get stuck in traffic!
  11. Tulliallan - curent students

    100% don't be reading into anything prior to attending the college! Will definitely only confuse you! Things are tough in an police operational perspective and not as you would find by reading core legislation! Trust me when i say you will be thankful for the rest when you look back! Spend however long you have with your family and friends and chill, suit yourself for a week or two (as it will be the last for 10 weeks!!! haha). Keep up your fitness is really all i would concentrate on at this time. Small logo are acceptable, but by small i mean like perhaps a nike tick on a dryfit t-shirt or shorts. Shorts must be black, t-shirt white and socks while also. Phone/Internet signal is pretty poor although you can get lucky! The first time i was up, i was in a room where there was absolutely no service (unless you hold your phone in the top right hand corner of the window!!!!!!) and the second time, i was at the opposite side of the college and there was even 3G signal! Its totally your luck, however, there is WiFi available in the "land of leather" (the main seating/meeting area) which is of good bandwidth and is more than capable of FaceTime and things. So you will be fine, however can really only used outwit office hours! lol
  12. Absolutely - they will allow no problem! If it's a close friend they will have no problem! Im pretty confident they will be fully supportive. When you get to the college, you will have to fill out a special leave request form... which will be sent for approval by the course inspector. Just explain reasons and you won't have a problem!
  13. Police Scotland June intake

    There is no arrival from time! The place is open 24/7... so you can technically arrive whenever you want! They have all the paperwork ready by end of the day on Fridays for new starts arriving on Sunday night! So feel free to go straight there at whatever time you arrive from lancashire! You can also stay the weekends (but will have to fend for yourself... as there's no canteen/food available!) Good luck for your first day! It's really not as bad as you expect!
  14. Police Scotland June intake

    I would have thought you would just be deployed like every other officer! Regardless of amount of training... you will be alongside a more experienced colleague, so that shouldn't matter! It will be a fun and great experience anyway!
  15. Police Scotland June intake

    You might find you will have OST straight away... as apparently you will all be deployed for the commonwealth games!