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  1. What car Do You Drive?

    love my VW
  2. BEARDS.

    I also had a beard for my interviews and start the job soon so I am hoping to keep it. It is full but not too long and neat
  3. Why don`t you catch REAL criminals?

    What's about the supposedly innocent drug dealers with "valid" a to b transaction that supply recreational drugs that end up killing people like the poor folk recently reported in the press who died from being supplied laced drugs that were not regulated. The innocent 9-5 drug dealer has no way if knowing what is in the supply they receive. I'm sure there are plenty of victims in that kind of scenario.
  4. Resolved: 21" asp baton concerns..

    They certainly didn't check the application for spelling...... *runs* lol
  5. Congratulations. You must be thrilled. Hopefully see you around once u start
  6. what was the outcome? have u a start date?
  7. I don't know anyone else who has applied or even how many are in my course I'm afraid. Just have to be patient I guess. Vetting can take a while I think. Although you passed the interviews around the same time as me so I'm unsure of the hold up in your case
  8. So you'll be working at Trafford when u start? Well done on getting through the interview process. Hope they come back to you soon re start dates
  9. I received the offer notification at the end of November, the vetting and medical took place after that date and I passed the vetting about a month later. They wanted me to start on the January induction but I had to give 4 weeks notice...
  10. One Word Association

  11. Caught on camera:

    Sometimes the police need a bit of social media involvement and this kind of name and shame outing produced a conviction that wouldnt have otherwise occured. Well done I say.
  12. awful... I live very close to the incident and will be joining GMP next month... terrible tragedy and I hope the people they have arrested are the culprits and will be dealt with accordingly
  13. Thanks I hope that this is the case as I was on 20K in my last job and have taken a drop to 17K to work for the police... and as I am a sole breadwinner with a mortgage every penny will count. I am totally stoked to have got the job tbh as over 1000 people applied...will be starting next month
  14. Thanks very much. I was concerned that it would be only for the unsociable hours element