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  1. Structure of Surrey Police

    Ahh ok, well if anyone can post more information about what working for a TPT team in surrey is like please reply to this thread. Cheers
  2. Structure of Surrey Police

    Donks, thank you I will await your PM. Just to say Donks i did try and PM you but it didn't let me.
  3. Structure of Surrey Police

    still looking to see if anyone could help me out and give me more information please to the above.
  4. Structure of Surrey Police

    Thanks for that information, any serving officers who can add to this that would be great. Surrey might of done what my force and a lot of others have done and centralised all of the response teams to work out of a few hubs across the force????
  5. Structure of Surrey Police

    Hello, I am currently a pc in another force and have been for a few years, my partner is originally from surrey and all of her family live there and we have decided to move back to surrey assuming I will be accepted as a transferred. I was just wandering if a serving Surrey Pc could answer a few questions of mine. First of all what is the current shift pattern in Surrey, I would be placed on response I am assuming as this is what the vacancy advertises for. My second question is we want to live in the Guilford area and what is the closest response station to there, i.e. is there a response hub at Guildford itself or is Guildford covered by a response hub somewhere else. My last question is just mainly what’s the good and bad about Surrey at the moment, there is always good and bad about every force so I would appreciate an honest viewpoint. I understand if you don’t want to put in a public forum your answers so feel free to pm me. Will really appreciate anyone help here as I'm sure you understand its a big move for me if I go ahead. Thanks