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  1. Derbyshire Info Sessions

    Aw that sounds awful. Well done Emma! Looking forward to seeing everyone on the 4th x
  2. Derbyshire Info Sessions

    Got letter of appointment via email today : ) x
  3. Derbyshire Info Sessions

    I have my medical tomorrow, it got rescheduled due to the doctor being sick. I had a problem with my references too but managed to get it sorted late last week. I think they are just contacting our last two employers, unless there is an issue then they will contact character references I believe.
  4. Derbyshire Info Sessions

    I have mine on the 6th feb at 1130.
  5. Derbyshire Info Sessions

    I'm on the 1030 slot tomorrow so will see some of you then....bit worried about the fitness to be honest as I've had flu the last week : (
  6. Derbyshire Info Sessions

    I've just spoken to HR they said postings will be made 4 weeks prior to the end of training and decided by the superintendents who cover each area....
  7. Derbyshire Info Sessions

    Hmmm not sure how many are on the course....does anyone know where they will be based yet? Or at what point do we get asked what our preferences are?
  8. Derbyshire Info Sessions

    I've been offered a place on the march course. Did anyone else receive the email today? Subject to references of course.
  9. Derbyshire Info Sessions

    Hey guys, Just thought I'd drop another line and let you know where I'm at. I had a call from vetting the other day....just a query re credit checks which seems to be ok now so they must be going through those....I also haven't got a date for my medical but I am on the June to September intake......possibly March depending.....congrats to all those starting in Jan and hopefully ill get to meet most of you on the 4th....have a good Xmas everyone xx
  10. Derbyshire Info Sessions

    Medical forms finally completed from the doctors...going to send them off tomorrow. Then just fitness to get through...don't think checks should be too much of a problem...still have a looooonnnnggg wait to go though : (
  11. Derbyshire Info Sessions

    I had to drop mine off too....sneakily tried to get an appointment but they wouldn't let me. I dropped it off on Friday, rang in today to make sure it was passed on and they know nothing about it! In the process of chasing it up now. Hope they find it.....
  12. Derbyshire Info Sessions

    I've received the same emails and have a fitness date for the 4th Jan argh! Just after Xmas : ( ah well it might mean a March start for me : )
  13. Derbyshire Info Sessions

    I got through on a mobile....was on holiday at the time but used 3 separate mobiles and just kept trying. Ag1989 my email is
  14. Derbyshire Info Sessions

    Hey... I'm thinking about renting for the period of my training because my commute will be an hour and a half...I'm also in the June to sept intake x
  15. Derbyshire Info Sessions

    Hey awesome news guys! So pleased for everyone. Xx