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  1. Fitness test Friday

    Yeah, everyone on the yellow run passed! Glad the stressing over it is done with.
  2. Fitness test Friday

    Cheers for the info :) Was fearing the worst as I managed to get ill at the start of the week however seem to be over the worst of it! Can't wait to get it over with.
  3. January the 9th intake

    Craig G, as far as I know we hand in our uniform. Think I'll give recruitment a phone tomorrow and ask them about it! Also, I'm Danny btw :)
  4. January the 9th intake

    Mine is on the 7th too! I think after I get my final fitness out the way I'll start to get excited about it, won't quite sink in until then I don't think, what about you?
  5. January the 9th intake

    Hi! I'm due to start on the 9th of January too, uniform fitting tomorrow! Need to give recruitment a phone about handing in my Specials uniform then just the final fitness to go! Just want to get everything out the way and hand my notice in!!