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  1. i had quite a serious pva last week on blue light run to a domestic when a motorist decides to do a u turn ahead of me. i managed to swerve and avoid t-boning him and took out the front of his vehicle as well as the van i was driving. the airbags were deployed and the van then collided with a Balecia-Beacon at a zebra crossing ripping it out of the floor. fortunately it was late evening and the road was quiet and thankfully no pedestrains on crossing or oncoming vehicles. i received burns to my right wrist from the airbag and soreness to back area, my colleague received a bump to the head. the driver of the other vehicle was a pensioner who was oblivious to what had happened, on a funny note he was surprised how quick the police had arrived at the scene. anyway it is clear that this is the other drivers fault. i am thankful all concerned walked away with minor injuries, however the incident has left a psychological impact on me and left me questioning my mortality and asking what if i had t boned him, what if pedestrians were at the crossing, what if there were oncoming vehicles. following the accident i spoke to 2 teenage girls who were almost in tears, they said they thought we had been killed, i think someone was looking down on us that evening. in a situation like this i know the passenger is normally referred to as being in the compo seat but where does the driver stand with regards to compensation in a non fault accident.