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  1. Back Ache

    Hi all, Has anyone experienced back pain / ache due to body armour or carriage vests? I joined in Oct 2013 and have started to get the odd back twinge in the middle of my back around 3 days in to my 6 days on shift, it constantly feels like it wants to click. Any suggestions? Thanks Ray
  2. Hi Nottinghamshire police are now recruiting. They are looking for 150 officers, are there any who are on Derbyshire's waiting list considering transferring their applications?
  3. Government Review

    I have found this link to something referred to as the Booth report, hope this is what you are looking for..
  4. Derbyshire Info Sessions

    Hi, I haven't been on here for a while but have been looking in from time to time. I had an email just before Christmas from recruitment saying that they expect to use over 70% of their reserve list and happily told me I was in the top 30%. I was wondering if anything had been mentioned to those who started in January about courses planned after March. Im due for an update email at the end of Feb. I think the course for people starting in March will go ahead as expected because the money has already been freed up. If a force does not use all of its allocated budget then the next years budget will be reduced accordingly, also in terms of pay I would be fairly confident the March intake will be the last to be on the old T&C and old pay scale before the Windsor review kicks in. Good luck to everyone starting soon!
  5. Reserve list

    I was on the 02/10/12 am assessment centre. I think I was in the same syndicate as Kane. I spent the last few weeks seriously doubting what I had done and like most others feeling like they were going barmy, bouncing ideas around with other people who attended.
  6. Reserve list

    No, Ive worked for the Prison Service for almost 6 years. It had been the plan to join the Police much earlier after I had gained a bit of experience, but the recruitment closed because of the government spending review. How about you?
  7. Reserve list

    Hi, Yes I applied for Derbyshire, a colleague of mine achieved 68% and Ive seen other people around 65% ish. Just keeping my fingers crossed really. From a generic recruitment point of view, I found it a little odd that you can pass but still potentially not move to the next stage. Thanks
  8. Reserve list

    Hi, I have recently passed the assessment centre for the Police with a score of 61% and have been informed by the force that people who have scored higher marks than me at the centre have been taken to the fitness test, medical and vetting stages. I have been placed on a reserve list should any of these fail. I have emailed the recruitment department to ask what the lowest accepted score was, so I can judge how far away I was. I have also requested to find out my position on the reserve list. Does anyone have any experience of this sort of situation, or a recruitment perspective? Is the information that I have requested something that will be provided? What is the likelihood of people failing in the latter stages and what sort of things could this be for? Many Thanks