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  1. February starts

    My letter says 8:30 too , will be there before 08:00 anyways :). What's your blouse like Natalie ? I just bought a girls school shirt lol, not the most attractive looking thing
  2. February starts

    Yeah I will meet you in the canteen , my name is Jennifer :). There probs won't be many people about in the canteen at that time in the morning anyways , so I am sure we will be able to find each other! Sr6 the more the merrier :)
  3. February starts

    Well done pinkcoop88 !! It's such a good feeling eh ? I've got everything ready for tomoz , well I think I do lol ! Just need to get my hair sorted, I've got curly hair and it ain't the easiest to get back in a bun with no wispy bits . I will probs be there an hour early too lol just to make sure I am there haha , will probably just go in the canteen and get something to eat :)
  4. February starts

    Yeah of course it is :) , I have a yellow car so there is no missing me . I am really looking forward to wed , be good to get the first day over with!! Will also be good to meet everyone :)
  5. February starts

    I think I will take my pe kit and leave it in my car , just incase ! You are more than welcome to leaves your nhughs in my car too ! I have started to bull my boots and shoes but don't think I am getting anywhere , gonna keep at it today. I have started packing my case but I think I will need something bigger as I can't fit everything in lol. I am probs taking far too much, but that's what us girls do
  6. Tulliallan 25th February

    Strathclyde starts on Wednesday :) can't wait !!
  7. Tulliallan 25th February

    Good luck everyone who starts tomoz :) x
  8. February starts

    I got n division :)
  9. February starts

    Hopefully we found out before we start :) Find out **
  10. February starts

    Has anyone found out their division yet ? I am dying to know mines lol
  11. February starts

    I sent mines away , but got it back because I stupidly forgot to put in my paper licence lol. Got my oath letter too , it's all very exciting :)
  12. Tulliallan 25th February

    Looking forward to seeing you all on the 25th :) ! I finished work yesterday , so getting excited now ! I've wrote out a list of stuff I think I will need , as well as the list they gave us , so I am gonna go shopping tomoz and get it , probably go to primark, since I am pretty skint lol
  13. February starts

    I finished today :) ! I think i might go up there and see what boots they have. So excited now
  14. February starts

    I finish work on Thursday , so got a week and a bit before we start ! So excited :) ! Can't wait to find out my division , hopefully will be soon ,, I have been checking my emails daily lol
  15. February starts

    I know I was thinking the same thing. I was just gonna buy a light running jacket and i they let us wear then great , but if not i can wear it when training myself :)