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  1. Was thinking of doing the same but might just leave the kit in the car. I take it we wear formal clothing tomorrow ie. suit?
  2. Great. Thanks for that. I take it we wear suit on the first day aye?
  3. What do you take in with you first thing Monday morning? Im staying at Nelson Street but dont want to take everything in first thing! I'm taking my car so was just going to leave the rest in it untill the end of the day. Whats the best thing to do?
  4. Thats great. Cheers for that! I take it that it's pay and display?
  5. Thats great. I'm generally fit too, but think the past couple of weeks over Christmas will need to be sorted out lol! Thats handy. I'm in the Travelodge on Union Street. Looking forward to getting started! Are you taking a car up with you? I called the other day and there isn't any parking so i'm not sure where to leave the car all week. Hi Jenni! See you on Monday!!
  6. Thats great! Yeah i am happy with Aberdeenshire! Would have maybe rathered Aberdeen but Aberdeenshire is fine :). Aye its not long now! Can't wait! I;m staying in Aberdeen on the Sunday night too, going to book into a travelodge. Where are you staying? Haha i know what you mean! I've done the odd run but to be honest, not alot. This week i going to get a few runs in! What about you?
  7. I'm coming from Grampian. Thats pretty much the same stuff thats on the list we got! Not long to go now!
  8. Yeah heard that too mate. I've got the magnums and a pair of parade shoes. Shoes have bulled up a treat!
  9. Haha. Quite right! Magnum stealths i think they are called. Got them cheaper on good old ebay!! Brand new as well!
  10. I got a pair of Magnum boots. Saw them on the partol store then seen the same pair cheaper on another website. Absolutely fantasic boots!! Comfortable and dont need breaking in.
  11. I got Aberdeenshire. you happy with yours?
  12. Have you heard what division your in?
  13. Aye your right, sure is! Yeah i'm staying in Nelson street too!
  14. Sure will! Well done on getting through. Are you staying at Nelson Street for the induction week?
  15. Thats true! Im thinking of the spider 8.1's i think. Seem like a good boot for a good price! Not wanting to spend a fortune on a pair! I got my shoes onine the other day so thats one less thing to worry about!!