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  1. Police Pension Destroyed

    Seems like people have given up. They could do it again that's why we need to continue to complain, try to challenge in any way possible to stop it happening this time. If they want to change it then fine but do it for people that can decide and factor it in there future when joining the job. Don't let them do if to half of us that already set our futures and family lives on what we we offered years back, we're relying on it and don't have the years to take other routes! We have been working for years believing what they sold us and working hard for what we thought and they told us at the time we would be entitled to. That is what's not fare or equal and what they shouldn't get away with!!!!
  2. Police Pension Destroyed

    Yeah and even after they sent that out to us all in dec 2012 a few months later they still send the annual pension forecast on the old scheme mis selling the one you thought you were on yet further. It takes the p#*s! Talking of rubbing salt into wounds hey? I am sure I have all pamphlets with the yearly forecasts on them since joining. I will be keeping these as evidence of the mis selling in the hope the federation will do the right thing and make the challenge under mis sold pensions.
  3. Police Pension Destroyed

    Yep. Those figures are black and white. I am on the same scheme as those others what makes them more special? I am on the scheme do the same job day in joined on the same terms and conditions. How, how can this be right? If I was joining today and the new scheme was presented I would have the opportunity to choose if this is the career path for me. Could still make an informed decision. But I made that decision 7 years ago on the terms and conditions at the time. The terms and conditions of the old pension scheme which is what the force offered me. I planned my future and the future of my family based on that decision. I don't have the years left to go back and choose again and the government think this is fair to whip it away mid career? It's sick , it's not humane. It's stressful and its very very wrong. I would say it verges on torture? Filling some one with lies for seven years of there service? And the many thousands of others in the same position as me.
  4. Police Pension Destroyed

    We has it all gone quiet over this? They have said no challenges can be made until the change has been made and set in stone. They say sec2 law protecting our pensions will be changed. Surely if the law was in existence when your pension was taken out then it should apply for the time of that pension like a driving licence does? Surely the Challenge under mis selling can be uphelp by that fact that every year since taking my pension out the pensions department has sent me a booklet every year telling me that my pension was gonna provide me a lump sim of x amount and a pension based on my final salary. Even this year I had one of these based on the old pension scheme despite being told this year that the pension will change and. I will loose out. They still sent me a booklet based on what I would have got if it weren't changed at all. If that isn't miss selling and giving me false hope over the last 7 years of my career then what is?
  5. Police Pension Destroyed

    Very interesting!
  6. Police Pension Destroyed

    Can't beleive this only has 2000 signatures? Are people really happy with the government and what they get away with? Their huge pay packets and huge pensions? When did they put the public lives before there own? One of their pensions equivalates to three of ours yet no one campaigning to get there's bought back Down or inline with ours.
  7. Police Pension Destroyed

    Signed! Have popped a link to it on face book to share with the masses. Actually isn't that one already closed as of the 18th oct?
  8. Police Pension Destroyed

    How so we start a petition to see ministers salaries reduced and their pensions dropped by the same percentage as the police are having theirs cut? I bet we would have no problem getting that petition signed by millions!
  9. Police Pension Destroyed

    That is pretty poor actually! Why are they not all supporting? Strange.
  10. Police Pension Destroyed

    If you haven't done so please ensure you, your families and your freinds sign the petition and help fight the government. We need less than 3000 signatures now for the pensions issue to be discussed In parliament. But, we need them by the 11th November! Please sign it.
  11. Police Pension Destroyed

    I think the fed should be looking to challenge the pension change for us younger officers that are going to loose out under these changes. I am in the old pension scheme same as those that have done 16 years or more. I was ex forces for 6 years. I made a decision to end my army career and give up my right to retire after 22 years and extend that to 30 years in a police career. I got an equivalent of five years police service from that occurred army pension which I bought over. That still only gives me 12 years so I loose out with all the others. The fact is I am on the same old pps scheme as those others who will get full entitlement or sliding scale, the same rules and regs should apply yet they can change this for some and not for others. I planned my families and mu own future when i joined the job the same as they did yet mine and thousands of others lives and futures will now be drastically changed for ever. How in this day and age and in a job like ours can this be fair? Where is the equal rights in it? A challenge should be made under the qual rights equality act 2010. Yes this only seems to cover age, sex gender discrimination etc but it also covers religion and belief. When I joined the Job I was sat down and the terms and conduits of the job were discussed. Pensions formed part of that. I was under the honest held belief that when I agreed to bring my army pension in to pps scheme and joined that this was contractual and that the terms and conditions would apply through out my career. I planned my family and my own future on it, knowing when my retirement date will be and what that would allow me to do. I am sure there is a challenge there under the equal rights act. I would like the federation to support officers in challenges. That is the part about the fed that is bugging me is that it seems they will not be making challenges against this or aiding officers in it that want to. I too am considering pulling out the fed and reinvesting that contribution. They should be looking at every avenue to challenge this. Even if this gets set in stone they should be making every challenge through the courts to win back the rights for those that lost out. Government employees just won a challenge re lost overtime through human rights. The fed should be seeking to so the same for us.