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  1. Pay drop

    To be perfectly honest for a job that requires no further or higher education 19k is a very good salary. Yes it's lower than we expected but that's life. I started my job on 10k and my partner on 21 after 4yrs of uni (and around 30k debt). The guy quoting what an 18 yr old would take home is way off add student loans aren't paid back until you earn over 21k (now) and why would he at 18 even have debt? Or necessarily pay that amount on rent? It sucks, but if you can't live off that amount you need to seriously look at your outgoings! Other than myself no one in my family earns more than 20k and they've been working for years.
  2. Norfolk Application

    When did you apply? You must be very relieved to get a place on the assessment days! I've heard nothing at all since confirmation of my app. I can only work in norfolk due to family settled in work school etc. It's a great county, so you're especially lucky to get through ;-)
  3. Norfolk Application

    Massive congratulations Jamie! When is the assessment centre?
  4. Norfolk Application

    I don't think anyone has heard back from the paper sift yet- not this round anyway. I didn't realise but a friend of the family works in the HR department and apparently they won't get round to most people until April as the grading is taking a long time. Hopefully, but as said above, April may be more plausible I just want to know if I have got through the paper sift so I can go to the doc to get hearing and eye sight checks, this is something that is worrying me! Although I operate fine without glasses and don't have any HI I am accused of being as deaf as anything and officially should wear glasses :/
  5. Resolved: Security checks - problem.

    Did they actually say this will prevent you getting clearing? If not you may be worrying unnecessarily...
  6. Take Home pay /salary

    One interesting point is that the police recruitment process is extremely over subscribed so people like us are still attracted to the job-for a whole host of reasons! Graduates are being paid to train to teach, some subjects are given huge golden hellos- just to get them in the job. For whatever reason the police don't need to do this. May suggest something about how both jobs pay/ are perceived.
  7. Take Home pay /salary

    Sadly all public sector jobs are changing. My partner is a teacher near the start of their career and is now facing pay freeze. So unlike the scores before who got an annual pay increase, for 'nothing' new teachers are facing potentially years on mps 1 or 2. Sadly it's looking more and more like people who work hard get nowhere, unless you go private.
  8. Also if the car was doing 70+ it implies he saw there was only one car on the motor way and assumed said car would move over. Obviously no one would do that speed if all inside lanes were chock full!
  9. Hmm I'm pretty sure he wasn't trying to get you to crash into him, why would he have driven off after breaking? He just wanted to scare/ annoy you- there is a difference. Take it further, are you saying he attempted to kill you? Anyway, you were in the wrong for not moving, he or she was in the wrong for the dangerous break. Either way no one got hurt, no problems.
  10. Take Home pay /salary

    I understand the op is just curious, however with the current recruitment process often taking years to complete I feel asking about salaries is somewhat redundant. A person going through their initial training next year will have a completely different salary in 5 years to someone who potentially hasn't sent off an application form yet- and may in fact still be waiting to join in 5 years (under yet another government)!
  11. Confidentiality doesn't quite mean what you think it does. Of course you can use specific examples from your job, just don't go giving out names etc, which you obviously wouldn't anyway! Also the English course is a good idea. I know you'll take longer over an application, but the sad thing is many don't even know they're making mistakes. ;-)
  12. Norfolk Application

    How's everyone getting on? I sent back the registration form weeks ago, but no further word! It's so frustrating not knowing if you're even through the paper sift. If the entire process is like this it could be 2016 before we get anywhere!
  13. Criminal record advice please

    apologies but this makes me very angry. What right do you have to keep this criminal offence 'secret!? You stole and need to face the consequences of this. You must declare it if asked and leave if requested. Why have you posted this here? I sincerely hope you're not trying to become a police officer.
  14. Does everyone who submits an application form get sent one of these? If so why don't they put it in with the application form? If not does it usually indicate that you've passed the paper sift or just that they now definitely have your application? Sorry if this is answered elsewhere. I just haven't seen any mention of it- even on the local force website when they outlined the recruitment stages! Thanks K