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  1. Hi, Just wondering if anyone has started the ckp yet, my first day is sat ive been doing the induction packs which seems a lot and to try and do this whilst working full time as a PCSO is proving hard at the lease. Just wondered how everyone else is finding it? If a topic has already been started let me know as I cant find one. If you could send the link I would appreciate it. Thanks
  2. I think it does still apply as I spoke to NPIA about it and they said the only time it does not apply is when applying for btp as the AC is different. theres a six month rule to stop people having an unfair advantage in having recently doing one
  3. BTP 2013 intake They are mine that's where they are cheapest but really good last ages.
  4. BTP 2013 intake

    My magnums are great had 2 pairs in 4 years and walk everyday in them not too expensive either
  5. BTP 2013 intake

    When did you find out and when was your interview. So sorry just keep trying
  6. BTP 2013 intake

    That numeracy test was ridiculous the time went soooo fast
  7. BTP 2013 intake

    Nerves completely got the better of me oh well can't change it now
  8. BTP 2013 intake

    Did I I haven't got a clue oh I hated it thought it was awful
  9. BTP 2013 intake

    Thanks definitely not ready
  10. BTP 2013 intake

    Mines Sunday so nervous its unreal hope it went well
  11. BTP 2013 intake

    ohh thanks very much for this very helpful to me ill try and get prepare only got today and tomorrow so should be pretty much done by now
  12. BTP 2013 intake

    The only thing i am worried about now is 50 minutes on CBQ realllllly??? are they specific questions related to a competency or are they open ended and you could have a few competencies in one if that makes sense?
  13. The public my be better served if attested constables actually went out and spoke to the public on a daily bases but they wouldn't the public feel better connected to PCSO's because they see them more. I am in no way saying PCSO's are police officers because they are not but i do feel they are a vital link between the police and the public and i feel this PCSO's are the reason that relationships are forming and confidence has grown! I have dealt with domestics and know that they are grief but at the end of the day you chose the career and some of us would love to be able to have the opportunity unfortunately in the current climate its not that easy
  14. BTP 2013 intake

    same here 12-10 i need one to steady the nerves. Thanks for the luck i need it
  15. BTP 2013 intake

    CONGRATS best new year you could have asked for